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Sorting out car insurance probably isn’t something you want to spend a lot of time doing. Let’s face it, it’s not one of life’s most exciting tasks even if it is for a car with an exclamation mark in its name (which surely means the Up! is more fun and exciting than its rivals). But as much as it’s Up! for a great drive, you’ll still need to sort out that job of car insurance – so here’s what you can expect.

What makes the VW Up! so unique?

Well, it’s a Volkswagen – a brand so synonymous with car manufacturing that it just goes by its initials. With an Up! you get the premium feel and quality that VW offers throughout its range, including the Golf, Polo and Fox, and there’s an even newer, smarter version hitting a showroom near you this year.

Thanks to parts and tech borrowed from big sister the Golf, the Up! feels like a grown up city car rather than an up scaled pre-school toy. If you’re safety conscious then you can rest assured that the Up! will look after you as it has the full five stars from European safety testers Euro NCAP.

The Up! comes in a choice of engines – both are one litre but one comes with higher fuel efficiency ‘BlueMotion’ technology which can give you a massive 68.9 mpg. The BlueMotion version will also cost you nothing in terms of car tax – whilst the standard Up! will set you back a whole £20 for the year (although car tax bands are due to be rejigged in 2017).

The new revamped model promises some pretty decent 0-62 mph speeds as well (because sometimes you just can’t get out of the city fast enough). VW have announced that the new Up! will have an engine on a par with the first Golf GTI no less and independent reviews have shown it can do 0-62 in 9.9 seconds.

What about space?

Have no fear on the storage front, the Up! comes in three or five door and there’s plenty of leg room in the front so tall drivers won’t end up with their knees round their ears. There’s decent space in the back for three, although headroom in the back is limited because of the low roof.

And just because the Up! is a city car, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice boot space – there’s an impressive 251 litres you can fill in the back

compare volkswagen up car insurance

So how much is Volkswagen Up! insurance?

Ok – vital statistics time – the Up! is available in seven different models (all rather snazzily named) and all of which you’ll find at the lower end of the insurance scale. There are 50 insurance groups in the UK and the smaller the number, typically the less you’ll pay for insurance.

And if you’re a young driver, there’s even better news, according to our data although the good old Corsa is the most popular car for 17-24 year-old drivers to buy, Volkswagen Up! insurance is actually the cheapest on average at £583.73**.

Different insurance providers will price their policies according to their own criteria, but it’ll be based broadly on your age, car model, your address, where you keep your car and your claims history. See our guide to what impacts the cost of car insurance for more information on this.

You can look for ways to cut your insurance costs but bear in mind that the cheapest policy and minimal cover (such as third party) isn’t always the most economical (or sensible in the long run). Which is why you should always compare from the outset so you can be confident at getting the right deal for you.

volkswagen up corsa insurance group

Insurance and tax


Insurance group

Car tax band

Take Up!


Band B (£20 per year)

Look Up!


Band B (£20 per year)

Move Up! standard engine


Band B (£20 per year)

Move Up! with BlueMotion


Band A (£0 per year)

High Up! standard engine


Band B (£20 per year)

High Up! with BlueMotion


Band A (£0 per year)

Club Up!


Band B (£20 per year)

Street Up!


Band B (£20 per year)

Rock Up!


Band B (£20 per year)

Comparing car insurance

This bit’s the easy bit. Just tell us a bit about you and your VW Up! like your age , where you live, where you’ll keep your Up! and your claims history and we’ll take it from there. We’ll then search from more than 100 insurance providers so you can choose the right cover for you.

** All average prices are based on comparethemarket.com data from July to September 2017.

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