We take a look at the 15  weirdest driving rules from around the world

Fancy taking a road-trip across Europe? Or even making that trip of a life-time and touring Australia’s Gold Coast in a camper van… us too. Before you start planning where to go and which roads you’ll take, we’ve ranked some of the world’s wackiest driving rules and regulations…when driving abroad ensure you know the car insurance specifications of wherever you happen to be.

From carrying an alcohol breathalyser kit with you when driving in France. To the clever rule against using SatNavs alerting you to the location of speed cameras in Germany. We’re taking you through some of the lesser known (and slightly unusual) driving rules from around the world. You’re welcome…

…and don’t forget to check out what type of travel insurance you might need before you start.

Always be prepared...

15. In Alabama, it’s illegal to drive blindfolded. It’s slightly concerning that this has to be explicitly pointed out, as if someone actually thought that was a great idea.

14. If you wear glasses and are driving in Spain, you need to carry a spare pair with you. Well, you just never know what could happen to that first pair.

13. It is compulsory to carry an unused, certified breathalyser while driving in France, and it must be in date. Saves the police some hassle, we guess.

weird driving rules around the globe

No eating (or drinking) in the car

12. Don’t get into a car with a driver who’s drunk in Japan – not only is this a terrible idea anyway, but in Japan you can be fined if the person driving is above the legal alcohol limit.

11. If you’re heading to Cyprus, don’t eat and drink while driving. At all. Not even water.

10. Also in Cyprus, be mindful of your hand gestures – drivers can be fined for making rude gestures at other drivers.

group of girls in a car

To stop or not to stop?

9. In Germany you cannot use a SatNav system that tells you where speed cameras are. Perhaps it’s considered cheating the law.

8. Also in Germany, it is illegal to stop on the Autobahn for any reason other than an emergency. No, running out of fuel is not an emergency.

7. In Beijing, power-driven vehicles are forbidden from stopping at pedestrian crossings. Great for drivers, not so great for people trying to walk around the city.

empty fuel guage

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Lights, horn, cow!

6. In several European countries, you must have your headlights on during the day at all times. That’s Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic You might want to change to LEDs.

5. In Rhode Island, the driver must make a loud sound when passing on the left. We guess they mean honk your horn, not scream out the window.

4. Perhaps unsurprisingly, cows have right of way in India. Cows are sacred, so you might want to practice your patient face in case you come across one standing in the road.

cows have right of way in india

Keep all hands and dogs in the car at all times

3. In 2001 Cambodia banned all right-hand driving cars, this was in an attempt to stop people smuggling stolen cars in to the country from Thailand.

2. In Iceland, you cannot drive outside marked roads or tracks, this is to ensure that the flora and fauna is protected.

1. In Alaska, it’s illegal to tie your dog to the roof of your car, which must be a relief for those of us who actually like our pets and want them to be comfortable.

golden retriever looking out of car

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