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Where should students register as their home address for car insurance?

Having to buy car insurance is one of life’s little annoyances – like when you can’t find a pound coin to release a trolley at the supermarket, or when a bird decides to relieve itself on your newly washed car. But unfortunately, it’s one of those things we just need to have, so when it comes to saving money on car insurance most of us will jump at the chance. But make sure that when you’re filling out your information for a quote, you’re being accurate – like registering your home address correctly.

What should I say is my address on my car insurance policy?

The song may go “wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home” but for your car insurance you’ll need to be more specific. Your address for the purposes of insuring your car, should be the place where your car resides for the most of the year. So if you’re a student taking your car along to uni, and you spend more time there than at home, then your university accommodation should be stated as your home address.


You should be upfront with your insurance provider and it’s probably worth mentioning that you’re at university or college and that you may be living at home in the holidays. Being clear right at the start means there’s less likelihood of any claims being invalidated because of a misunderstanding.

Where should students register as their home address for car insurance?
can I register my car at my parents

But insuring it under my parent’s address is so much cheaper…

That’s probably because your mum and dad are lucky enough to live in a nice area where cars spend their time in private driveways or locked garages. Which might be completely different than if you’re a student and live in a big town with high crime rates. As your insurance premium is partially based on the likelihood of your car being stolen or damaged due to vandalism, your postcode will have an impact on your premium.

So, it may be cheaper to insure your car by saying it’s parked at mum and dad’s but if you make a claim and you’re actually living 200 miles away for most of the year, it could invalidate your claim leaving you out of pocket or worse without access to a car should yours be damaged.

In most cases, if you told your insurance provider that you’re living at two addresses then they’re likely to use the most ‘high risk’ area as the basis of their quote – “better safe than sorry” is usually the insurance provider’s mantra. And with that in mind, if you’ve been lucky enough to find an insurance provider that will cover your car under the less risky address then get it in writing that they know of both addresses – just in case they quibble over it later.

How can I keep car insurance costs down when I’m at university?

If you’re on a campus, it’s unlikely you’ll need to drive to lectures, so it’s worth calculating how many miles you actually are likely to do – the less annual miles you drive, the less chance there is of having an accident and the lower your insurance may be. Also consider the type of car you drive, older cars can sometimes have lower premiums but might come with higher maintenance costs.

Alternatively, you might want to try telematics insurance – where a ‘black box’ device records how you drive. It’ll store data on how you accelerate, brake and on what type of roads you drive on. If they device shows you’re driving well, then it could lead to lower premiums.

You could also invest some time in taking the Pass Plus programme which could give you more practical driving skills. It’s most useful in terms of lowering your car insurance if you take it within the same year you pass your test. Some insurance providers will take this into consideration and offer a discount on your car insurance.

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