Are you an early bird or are you one of those who would love mornings, but only if they started later? Because let’s face it, when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning and cracking on with the day, some of us just can’t wait whilst others just grunt and hit snooze. And it can be even more of a struggle when the clocks go back – it’s cold, it’s dark, and all our instincts are telling us to hibernate, but the day must go on, but are winter mornings really as bad as we think they are?

driving on a summer morning


Great things about winter mornings…


1)    Crisp, cold days: these are the winter mornings that summer can never replicate – there’s a chill in the air, the sun is shining and the frost glints in the sunlight. Close your eyes and you could almost convince yourself you’re in a picture-perfect ski resort – glühwein anyone?

2)    Stodgy food: it’s cold and the only solution for warming up your body is a breakfast laden with carbohydrates, fat and protein – aka ‘the fry up’. You simply can’t get away with a fry up in the summer – it feels gluttonous and who wants to smell of bacon fat and fried eggs when you’re wearing a floaty little sun dress – it just doesn’t go.

3)    Winter woollies: the thicker and fluffier, the better. It’s an opportunity to cover up that fading tan from the last-minute summer holiday you took in September and all those extra layers are ever so useful for covering up the results of all those fried breakfasts.


…And the not so great things about wintry starts


1)    It’s dark: and that’s not just the mornings, it’s also dark coming home and if you don’t sit near a window at work, the chances of you seeing any daylight are slim to non-existent.

2)    It’s cold: cold mornings are only acceptable if it’s sunny; if it’s cold and rainy or windy, then that just won’t do. Getting the car started and ready can take ages and it’s enough to put even the happiest of people in a mood. Use our car insurance comparison service and you could save up to £283.83** to help put a smile on your face on those cold mornings.

3)    Ice: the mortal enemy of all winter drivers; it means having to get out of bed 15 minutes earlier or arriving at work late. Plus, there’s the sinking feeling that you didn’t replace the aerosol de-icer that you used up last winter or run through that safety checklist before a long journey – time for the credit card to multi-task.

4)    Joggers: joggers can be irritating at the best of times, but seeing someone jogging on a freezing winter morning is a hundred times worse. Their rosy cheeks and toned legs are just a constant reminder of those promises made to yourself about getting to the gym more often.


Why we can’t wait for summer mornings…


1)    Waking up is…actually quite pleasant: with the sun streaming through your curtains, it makes you feel like only good things can happen and sets the morning off on the right track.

2)    You can look forward to ice cream: you scream, I scream, for ice cream – ice cream is the best – enough said.

3)    People seem happier: it’s infectious but in a good way, even that grumpy bus driver will wait for you at the stop rather than coasting past with a sneer.

4)    Putting on the shades: Not only can you finally stop wearing your winter coat on the morning commute, you’ll get the opportunity to put on the driving sunnies.


…but it can be too much when:


1)    It’s sunny…again: we know; the sun is great but it can also get quite predictable. You open the curtains and… “oh” another sunny day…how exciting…yawn.

2)    The birds singing at dawn: birdsong in the morning is a wondrous sound; but only if you’ve had your full eight hours of sleep and seeing as the nights are lighter and we don’t go to bed until way past 10pm – being woken up by a tit at 4am is not amusing.

3)    You can only eat granola for breakfast: summer is about pretty dresses, or fitted t-shirts so there’s no hiding the three slices of white buttered toast you had for breakfast. Instead, we have to put up with eating sawdust from the bottom of hamster cages instead – yum.

4)    You rely on public transport: public transport’s great – but not on sweaty summer mornings when you’re forced to stand underneath someone’s armpit, suddenly you wonder why you bother washing and putting on deodorant when clearly no-one else does.

** Based on Online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during February 2018 50% of customers could save up to £283.83 on their car insurance