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Why is young driver insurance so expensive?

Simply put, it’s because younger drivers are a lot more likely to get in accidents or other trouble when driving than older ones.


Insurance companies keep very close eyes on statistics, and ever since the car was invented teens and early twenty-somethings have been getting in more accidents (and worse accidents, for that matter) than the older and more experienced drivers. 


There are many different theories as to why this might be. Some experts point out that young people don’t have the years or decades of driving experience that older drivers have. Others point out that teens in particular are worse at spotting their own risky behaviour, and are more likely to do dangerous things in general.

Regardless of why young drivers have more accidents though, it’s undeniable that they do. Statistics provided by Brake, a road safety charity show that  twenty three percent of 18-24 year olds will have an accident in their car before they’ve been driving 2 years.

Insurance companies can expect to pay out more as a result of insuring them


Ways to lower the cost of car insurance for young drivers

  • Get an advanced driving qualification such as Pass Plus
  • Eliminate parts of your policy that you don’t actually need , like legal cover 
  • Add an experienced second driver to your policy if they are genuinely going to drive the car – be truthful so you don’t void your policy
  • If you can afford it pay your premium annually
  • Look into black box (sometimes called telematics) insurance policies
  • Secure your car with an alarm or immobiliser 

Other factors affecting the cost of car insurance for young drivers

The make, model and age of your car are all considered when giving you a quote for car insurance. Safer cars and those less likely to need expensive repairs are generally cheaper to insure.

  • You, personally 

How old you are, where you live, how many years you’ve been driving and how many insurance claims you’ve made will all affect your premiums. Unfortunately, you’ll have to have been carful several years ago to see any real difference now.

  • What kind of insurance you need

Third Party could be less expensive than third party, fire & theft, which could be cheaper than comprehensive cover but it is always best to get a quote for each type as comprehensive cover is sometimes the cheapest. Adding on other features can increase your premium so take a look at some of your options here.

The compulsory excess is set by the insurer and you’ll have to pay that in the event of a claim. But if you agree to a higher voluntary excess, you can often see a reduction in your premium. Don’t forget though that as a young driver you will probably already have a compulsory young driver excess. Make sure you can afford to cover the total cost of both excesses if you make a claim for your car. 

Start a quote

In the end, insurance is expensive for young drivers because they are in fact expensive to the insurer. Make an effort to prove you’re the exception, and you’ll see your rates fall – eventually.

Start a quote, telling us a bit about you, your car and what level of cover you’ll need. Start a quote now and we’ll do all the leg work for you and provide you with a range of competitive quotes that suit your needs.