So, you've passed your test?

Although it can be wallet-draining, having a car is a real ticket to freedom. It’s normal to feel a bit of love for your car, so why not read our top ten tips to help you look after it and enjoy the open road? They’ll help keep you safe and make your wallet a bit fuller, hopefully.

Young drivers to pay £1000 for car insurance

The average cost of car insurance for young drivers has now risen to £1000. Our new research shows that the average car insurance premium across all age groups is at its highest since 2012- with those under 25 fairing worst. In fact, those young drivers that aren’t shopping around for cheap car insurance could be left with a bill of over £1230!


Why is young driver insurance so expensive?

Simply put, it’s because younger drivers are a lot more likely to get in accidents or other trouble when driving than older ones.


Insurance companies keep very close eyes on statistics, and ever since the car was invented teens and early twenty-somethings have been getting in more accidents (and worse accidents, for that matter) than the older and more experienced drivers. 

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is an extra driving qualification, over and above the driver’s test which gets you your licence. It involves gaining practical experience dealing with situations which most students haven’t covered in standard driving lessons. It also includes testing on skills they wouldn’t have been tested on before getting their licence.


The theory is then that you’ll be less likely to be involved an accident on the road, which will not only keep you safe, but could mean you are less of a risk to your insurer. And if your insurer sees you as a less of a risk, that could, result in lower premiums.

Buy young drivers car insurance and get 2 for 1 cinema tickets

There’s nothing like having youth on your side – unless that is, when you’re trying to get cheap car insurance, in which case, good luck (because you’ll need it). It’s nothing personal, statistics show that 28% of young drivers have crashed before they turned 21 and young drivers’ car insurance claims are likely to be more expensive and more frequent than other age groups.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, things can be done to get cheap car insurance for young drivers (and we don’t mean anything dodgy). Simply choosing your car wisely can help keep costs under control and discover whether having a black box can bring down the cost of your insurance or if it’s just a way of recording your conversations for your parents (don’t worry – it’s not). And if you buy young drivers car insurance with us, we’ll even give you 2 for 1 cinema tickets* – pick us up at eight then?