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Why is car insurance expensive for young drivers?

Getting behind the wheel can be hard work. It starts with spending literally hundreds (or thousands) of pounds learning to drive. It’s money well spent, though – anyone who's ever attempted to learn with their Dad to save cash will agree.


Then there's the car, and while we’d love a GTI, but for many of us a little run about will have to do. But even an old car could set you back around £1,000. That's ok, we think, we can manage – it’ll be worth it.


But then you get a car insurance quote… HOW MUCH? It’s enough to make you dust off your bicycle instead. But why is insurance so expensive for young drivers? It does seem unfair. Let's take a look at why this is...

It's all in the stats

Insurers calculate how much your insurance premiums are going to be by working out how risky you are to them – that is, how likely you are to claim.

They do it by looking at statistics of accidents and claims caused by drivers over previous years. The trouble is that people between 17 and 24 are statistically shown to be involved in more road accidents than other age groups.

According to Brake, the road safety charity, 17-19 year olds only make up 1.5 per cent of all licence holders, but they're involved in 12 per cent of the serious or fatal road accidents in the UK. Other statistics include:

1) A male driver of 17-20 is ten times more likely to be involved in a car accident than an older driver

2) According to the AA, one in four young people aged between 18 and 24 have an accident within two years of passing their test

3)The Department of Transport found in 2013 that car or motorbike drivers aged between 16 and 19 were twice as likely to die in a crash than 40 to 49 year olds. 

New driver

Ok, we get the point. 

There are countless statistics to support the fact that young drivers are at more risk than older drivers.

Research by Brake suggests it's due to a mix of inexperience, overconfidence and risky behaviour. They found that young people were more likely to speed, overtake on blind bends, not wear a seat belt and drive whilst under the influence of drugs. 

Other factors which could have an impact are who we drive with – it's tempting to show off in front of a car full of friends or become easily distracted by antics in the back. Young people tend to socialise at night and this is when many accidents happen, especially between 2am and 5am. 

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Speeding car

So - we all get tarred with the same brush as dangerous drivers?

Although the behaviour of a few does affect the majority, inexperience is also a contributing factor to a young person's road accidents. In fact, one in three accidents is reportedly down to inexperience.

But with the birth of black box technology you can now show your insurer how you drive as an individual and not be bundled in with the rest of your age group.

The Co-op, for example, has a young person’s insurance scheme which uses technology to assess your driving and – hopefully – reduce your premiums if you prove to be a safe, careful driver.

It's not forever

Yes, it can seem unfair, but if you carry on driving with care and diligence you'll soon see your insurance premium drop. Get a few years of no claims discount under your belt and that payment might not be so painful.

Also, don't assume your current insurer will give you the best deal next year – let us help you find the most competitive quotes out there. We work with many insurers who are happy to insure young drivers, so we may be able to save you money at renewal.

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