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Daewoo made a name for itself with affordable cars. Whilst they may not be one of the household names here in the United Kingdom, this manufacturer has proven a smart choice for those looking for an economical work or family car.

Daewoo Car Insurance

The Matiz was published on several occasions as one of the cheapest five cars to insure in the UK. That’s why it became the staple of students and the elderly alike. It was never an enthusiast’s brand and there are no sporting models to speak of. The South Korean marque was aimed solely at the budget conscious buyer when it arrived in the UK in 1995, but that was enough to carve its own niche and to launch a relatively successful foray on to British soil.

Daewoo has now effectively been rebranded as the car manufacturer, Chevrolet, but used Daewoo cars are still a common sight. That speaks volumes for the reliability, at least. If you are thinking of a Daewoo, then make sure you get an even better deal- use our price comparison service and get the best possible price on your car insurance.

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How affordable is Daewoo car insurance?

Your insurance quote is always going to be a personal thing and there are a number of different factors that will affect it. Your driving record and your age are the key factors, but other things like where the car will be kept at night will have a significant impact.

Modern cars now have a raft of new security measures, which means that older cars are more likely to become attractive targets for thieves. So if your car is left on the street at night, then it could be a target (and that could be reflected in the price).

The average price quote for the Matiz is £735.52 although the figures might be skewed higher by young drivers that like the cheap purchase price. Other popular models included the Kalos (average premium of £830.25) and the Nubira (average premium of £748.05)/

The Landos is the cheapest car to insure and costs an average premium of £567.87. 

Who is the best insurer for a Daewoo?

There is no such thing as a best insurer, as they all have their own criteria and you are unlikely to know which one will give you the best quote.  That’s why we’re here, to help guide you through a complex maze of car insurance and to get a quote from more than 100 insurance providers within minutes.

One insurance provider might favour older drivers, while another might increase your premium price if you have three points on your licence. Every insurance company marches to its own drum, so there is no way to pick one out and suggest that they will be the best for you.

Where can I get the best price on my Daewoo car insurance?

The best car insurance premiums come from comparing multiple insurers and we can compare over 100 car insurance providers’ right here. You can get a quote in a matter of minutes, allowing you to quickly identify the best price for the level of cover that suits you.

Our average premiums are based on all our customer quotes, from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your personal circumstances.

All average price amounts based on comparethemarket.com data from July - September 2017

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