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Do you remember that famous scene in the movie The Italian Job, in which the three minis drive onto the roof of a large building? The location is one of Italy’s most famous motoring landmarks: the original Fiat factory in Turin, which had its own test track on the roof!

Who are Fiat?

The car manufacturer Fiat was established as the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Factory of Turin) in 1899, producing a grand total of 24 cars in its first year of production. Today, it’s Italy’s motoring titan.

Now part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group, it’s by far Italy’s largest carmaker. FCA’s extensive stable of brands reads like a ‘who’s who’ of motoring household names. In addition to the Fiat imprint, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Jeep, Lancia and Maserati all come under the FCA umbrella.

As that list suggests, the manufacturer produces a wide and diverse array of cars and vans, from the smallest city compacts to large saloons, people carriers and even high-performance sports cars. The Fiat brand itself boasts some firm favourites among its range, such as the Punto, Bravo, Panda and of course the much-loved Fiat 500. With an impressive 12 European Car of the Year awards under its belt, Fiat knows how to cater for all tastes.

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Fiat insurance, are they cheap to insure?

Car insurance depends on many things. Some of these will relate to you, the driver such as:

-          How old you are

-          How long you’ve been driving

-          Where you live

-          How many miles a year you will drive

Some of the factors depend on the car itself such as:

-          The market value of the car

-          The ‘insurance group’ the car belongs to

If you’re not familiar with what an insurance group is, it’s a rating system devised by insurance bodies to grade all cars between 1 and 50, 1 being low risk and 50 being high risk. The grading is based on a number of factors such as:

-          The power of the car

-          How cheap it is to repair

-          The cost of spare parts

-          The availability of spare parts

A car with a lower insurance group, in general should be cheaper to insure.

Fiat car insurance

We compared prices on our website during February 2016 so that we could tell you what Fiat car insurance is currently costing. Our average premiums are based on all our customer quotes, from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your personal circumstances. 

500X               5 – 16                                                 £ 370.22                     1 %

Panda             3 – 12                                                 £ 376.08                     8 %

500L               7 – 18                                                 £ 376.92                     2 %

500C               9 – 18                                                 £ 389.42                     2 %

Doblo              4 – 18                                                 £ 393.45                     1 %

500                 5 – 10                                                 £ 501.90                     32 %

Bravo              9 – 25                                                 £ 581.30                     3 %

Seicento          3 – 9                                                    £ 592.65                     2 %

Stilo                 7 – 30                                                 £ 644.58                     3 %

Punto              9 – 25                                                 £ 678.86                     46 %

Interestingly, the above shows that the Punto returns the most expensive average quote for any Fiat model, which may be due to its popularity with young or new drivers. The variation in model, along with the level of experience of the driver, will make a big difference to the individual insurance prices.

For example if we look at the Fiat Stilo, the 1.2 litre standard model is a group 7. The limited edition 2.4 litre, 20v Schumacher version is in contrast a racy group 30!

With so many different factors in play such as the insurance group and your own personal circumstances, it’s important that you get the best price to suit your needs, so why not let us help you?

We compare the UK’s most popular car insurance providers to help make it quick and easy for you to find the right policy for you. Just start a quote today.

Price information is from comparethemarket data from February 2016.

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