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  • What is the Ford Focus?
  • How much does a Ford Focus cost to insure?
  • Can I cut the cost of my Ford Focus insurance?
  • Where can I find Ford Focus car insurance?

What is the Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus was introduced to the market back in 1998 and since then it’s managed to shift more than nine million vehicles. It was officially the world’s top-selling car of 2013 and 2014 – that says a lot about its popularity.

So, what exactly is its appeal? Well, the brand itself is well known for its practicality and for its reliability, and the compact Ford Focus offers both aplenty. It was voted the ‘Used Car of the Decade’ by CAP, the home for the experts on the country’s independent used car pricing. The Ford Focus also boasts a five star EURO NCAP rating.

How much does a Ford Focus cost to insure?

According to our data, the average cost of insurance for a Ford Focus is £686.10*. But how much you’ll pay will depend on your individual circumstances and which insurance group your model falls into.  

Currently, the Ford Focus insurance group listings on our site have been bracketed between Group 4 and Group 19. The base model vehicles are cheaper to insure, as you’d imagine, while the higher specification models will cost more to cover.

Model Insurance Group
Ford Focus Cl 16V (2003-04) Group 4
Ford Focus Zetec Groups 4-10
1.5 EcoBoost Zetec S Navigation 5d Group 19


*All average price amounts based on Compare the Market data from Oct 1st to Dec 31st 2018. These averages are based on all our customer quotes, from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your circumstances.

Can I cut the cost of my Ford Focus insurance?

You might save money on car insurance for your Ford Focus by taking out telematics insurance or adding a more experienced, named driver to your policy (just be careful of ‘fronting’). Adding extra safety features to your car could also help towards getting you a discount.

Where can I find Ford Focus car insurance?

We’ve gathered information on some of the top insurance providers for Ford Focus, but it’s worth remembering that you will have your own policy requirements so make sure you compare quotes now to find the right policy for you.

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