Driving another person’s car

If you're ever in the position where you need to drive someone else's car, then it's good to know whether your own policy will cover you for this. If not, you may be driving illegally and won't be covered if there is an accident.  Equally, if someone else needs to drive your car then you’ll want to know they're insured too.


Can I drive someone else's car?


Traditionally, if you had a comprehensive policy you were often covered to drive another vehicle but for third party cover only. But these days, some fully comprehensive policies don't include it. So it's important to get clarity on this when you're looking to take on a new policy. Reading your terms and conditions carefully is also a good idea as policies really do vary.


Another important thing to keep an eye on is any changes to your policy. Sometimes an insurance provider may alter the policy and inform you by email or letter, these changes won’t come into effect until renewal but it's easy to mistake it for 'nothing important'. It’s often best to assume everything is important until you've read it.


I've checked that I'm insured to drive other cars, but what level of cover do I have?


Again, you'll need to refer to your own policy as this varies depending on the provider. With some policies you may find you're lucky enough to have the same level of cover in someone else's car as yours, but this is extremely rare. But more often than not it might be that you only have third party cover when driving another car. That means that if there’s an accident that’s your fault, any damage to the car you’re driving wouldn’t be covered.



I drive my partner's car regularly and I'm covered to drive other cars, so that's ok, right?


Other cars cover is generally designed for an out of the ordinary situation. There’s a chance that if your insurance provider could prove you regularly drove your partner’s car without being a named driver on the policy, you wouldn’t be covered when making a claim. So it may be best to have yourself included on your partner's policy as a named driver. That way you know you're adequately covered. As a named driver you'll have the same level of cover as the main driver, too.


Can someone else drive my car?


If you need someone to drive your car in an emergency then check that they have adequate cover, otherwise you may be left with a large bill if they have an accident. If you need people to use your car regularly i.e. you run a business that means your employees or clients use your car, you have family who occasionally use your car or perhaps you have various carers that use your car to transport you in, then you may want to consider adding them as named drivers or looking for 'any driver insurance' cover. We don’t offer any driver insurance through comparethemarket.com. It’s likely to be more expensive than normal cover, as the insurers won’t know who will be driving and what kind of risk they pose of having an accident. The provider may require the driver to meet a minimum age limit too.


Finding the right insurance


To make sure you have a comprehensive policy that includes driving other vehicles, a comparison search is an easy way to find them. Let us do the running around for you. Start a car insurance quote and we'll ask you some questions about yourself, your car and the type of cover you require.


Once we've got back to you with a list of quotes to suit your needs, you can look through each policy to see which one offers you the best protection. You can also change your cover options as many times as you like before coming to a decision that's right for you.


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