Personal effects cover

It’s all well and good insuring our cars and homes, but what about all the stuff we carry around with us – things like our wallets, purses, laptops, phones and even sat navs? It’s one of those frequently thought questions but often we don’t pause long enough to really think about the answer – so we’ve compiled the research for you – so you can now have the answers.

What’s is personal effects cover?

Personal effects cover can be provided under a car or home insurance policy.

It’s the part of a car insurance policy that covers the cost of replacing any personal items that are stolen or damaged. The amount of cover available depends on the level of cover the policyholder has taken out – it could vary from £100 to £1,000 .

On a home insurance policy this may be called ‘personal possessions cover’ or ‘personal effects cover’ on a car insurance policy, but could vary between names depending on the insurance provider’s naming conventions.


Is personal effects cover included in my car insurance?

It depends on your level of cover. Comprehensive policies will typically include some level of personal effects cover but it doesn’t typically come as standard on other policies, such as third party only and third party, fire and theft.

What’s excluded from personal effects cover?

Some insurance providers exclude certain items such as cash, credit or debit cards. Plus, if the car is used for business purposes and contains stock, samples or tools, then these items might not be covered either.

The devil’s in the detail when it comes to policy wording, so it’s important to really read what’s covered, especially if travelling around with expensive kit.

What can invalidate my personal effects cover?

Many policies will stipulate that belongings need to be ‘in a locked or concealed compartment ’ – so stashed in the glovebox ideally locked or boot of the car. If possessions are in full view – such as a sat nav or purse left on a seat, then chances are, your insurance provider won’t pay out.

How much is personal effects cover?

Personal effects cover usually comes as standard on most comprehensive car insurance policies . As we know, car cover varies in price based on a number of factors, such as your driving history and type of car.

If insuring your personal effects in your vehicle is important to you, then it pays to compare the market – because comparing really is the best way of finding the right cover and price for your circumstances.

Are my personal effects already covered with my home insurance?

That depends on what the policy states. Home insurance policies don’t usually automatically include cover for taking your personal belongings outside of home as standard. It could be worth investing in additional personal possessions cover if you want cover for items you carry with you outside your home – this can usually be bolted on as an optional extra.

Typically, personal possessions cover will cover you if your insured belongings are stolen, lost or damaged. Policy limits are usually agreed with the insurance provider when the policy is taken out – limits vary from £2,000 up to £10,000 . How much the extra cover costs will depend on a number of factors.

If you’re someone that carries around a lot of expensive equipment (even without realising) such as a laptop, smartphone and even glasses, then taking out personal possessions cover can give real peace of mind. You may also need to add expensive items to the policy individually should they exceed a certain value set by your insurance provider. Insurance providers can ask for items to be individually specified on a policy which are worth £1,000 upwards, don’t worry, your provider will let you know what this limit is when you get a quote.

Like with personal effects cover under your car insurance, there are often exclusions as to what’s covered with standalone policies or home insurance add-ons. Items such as mobile phones, money, credit cards and sports equipment may or may not be covered depending on the insurance provider .

Do I really need personal effects cover?

It’s easy to underestimate the value of what’s in your handbag, car or pockets but if anything were stolen, could you immediately afford to replace what was taken?

The average handbag contains around £500 worth of stuff – it’s easy to see how – smartphones, ebook readers, tablets and even expensive make up, not to mention the handbag or purse itself.

So, two things: before you leave the house, think about whether you need to take all of those pricey items with you and if you do – are you covered, and is it enough (ok – that’s three things – but you get the point). If you really can’t part with half your house in your handbag, then make sure you’re properly covered and

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