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If you love your music, it can be a big part of your life so it’s natural that you’d want to have your tunes with you wherever you go. But whilst upgrading your car’s sound equipment will mean you can pump up the volume to your heart’s content, it can have the side effect of pumping up your car insurance too. And if you think that’s a bit unfair and you don’t really see why – then read the answer to that frequently thought question (and some others) right here.

How does my sound system affect my car insurance?

Car insurance is based on risk and making changes to a car could increase the risk of something happening that could result in a claim. But it’s not just sound systems and stereos that can affect premiums – any modification to a car can have an impact.

Why do modifications affect my car insurance?

Modifications affect car insurance because upgrades and ‘improvements’ generally make a car more desirable. And when something’s more desirable, there’s the increased chance of theft or malicious damage.

A modification is anything that changes a car from its original state when it rolled off the factory floor. It doesn’t even have to be a modification that enhances the car’s performance, it could be cosmetic – like painting flowers on the side or adding some snazzy go-faster stripes.

Car insurance is as unique as the policyholder. Lots of things affect car insurance premiums such as driving history and car type. Bigger, more powerful cars are generally pricier to insure because of their higher value, which means they’ll cost insurance providers more to replace if they’re written off. It’s the same principle behind modified cars – if upgrading them increases their value it follows that they’ll cost more to fix or replace. Car adaptations also mean parts could be harder to come by, again, bumping up the cost to the insurance provider in the event of a claim.

Clearly, there’ll be some modifications that really won’t affect the desirability of your car or your premiums – like fluffy dice or a nodding dog, and not all changes will hike up the price. Surprisingly, there are even some modifications that could actually reduce premiums – such as an approved security system – find out more in our simples guide: What modifications won’t increase my premiums?

Will my new stereo and sound equipment invalidate my car insurance?

Installing a new stereo and sound system alone won’t invalidate your car insurance – but not telling your insurance provider about them could.

An increased premium isn’t about punishing car owners for upgrading their vehicles, it’s about making sure insurance providers can cover the cost of repair or replacement if a claim is made.

Anyone on the cusp of purchasing a shiny, loud new sound system for their car, should just park the idea until they’ve spoken to their insurance provider, who’ll be able to give a ballpark figure of how much it’ll affect premiums by.

In some circumstances, an insurance provider may say they can’t provide cover for the extra bit of kit. If that happens then at least you now know where you stand or you could wait to buy it and renew your cover with someone else who will.

car audio system insurance cover

How much is my sound equipment insured for?

Most insurance providers will limit the amount of compensation offered to replace sound equipment. This can be a set financial limit, a percentage of the car’s value or it could be whichever is the lower of the two. Others might offer you unlimited cover but only on standard factory fitted systems and any upgraded equipment will still be capped.

Bottom line is – if your sound equipment is important, then always check the policy terms and conditions.

How can I reduce my car insurance premium?

Investing in an approved security system, keeping your car in a locked garage and increasing your voluntary excess, are just some of the things that could lower the cost of car insurance – find out more in our Cheapest car insurance deals page.

But don’t settle for the first quote, because we’re here to see you right – simply start your search today and compare quotes from over a hundred insurance providers. Why pay more when you don’t have to?

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