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If you love your music, you may be considering upgrading your car’s sound system to something more powerful than the standard factory-fitted audio. But did you know this could affect the cost of your car insurance? Here’s why – and what you can do about it.

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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Why do modifications affect my car insurance?

Modifications affect car insurance because upgrades and improvements generally make a car more desirable. Car insurance calculations are based on risk. For insurance purposes, a modification, even a minor one, could:

  • make your car more likely to be stolen
  • make your car more powerful and increase the risk of an accident
  • increase the value of your car
Why do modifications affect my car insurance?

Will my new stereo and sound equipment invalidate my car insurance?

Installing a new stereo and sound system alone won’t invalidate your car insurance – but not telling your insurance provider about it could. 

The most sensible thing is to talk to your insurance provider before investing in an audio system. They’ll be able to tell you how much it will affect your premium by. It may be as much as 10-15%. 

In some circumstances, an insurance provider won’t cover the extra equipment. In that case, you may want to re-consider your purchase, or shop around to find someone else who will provide the cover you need. 

How much is my sound equipment insured for?

Most insurance providers will limit the amount of compensation offered to replace sound equipment. This can be a set financial limit or a percentage of the car’s value; whichever is lower. 

Others might offer you unlimited cover, but only on standard factory-fitted systems, and any upgraded equipment will still be capped. Always check your policy’s terms and conditions so you know exactly what’s covered and how much for. 

How much is my sound equipment insured for?

How can I reduce my car insurance premium?

Investing in an approved security system, building up a no claims discount with safe driving and increasing your voluntary excess are just some of the things that could lower the cost of car insurance. Check out our top tips for cheap car insurance for more information. 

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