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Do you own a Honda car, or do you fancy owning one? There are plenty of models to choose from, including the popular civic. So a Honda will suit you whether you’re a young inexperienced driver, someone with a young family, or at an age where you’re ready to take it easy.


Honda’s first ever car was a sporty soft top called the S500 and it was exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1962. The Japanese company were already a well- known motorbike manufacturer, but cars were new to them. They began to build factories nationwide and by 1966 they had a number of sales offices around the world.

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How much is a new Honda?

Nowadays, Honda are not only known for their successes in Formula 1 racing, rallying and motorcross, but they continue to produce popular bikes and cars for the domestic market. Honda’s cheapest car model in the UK is the Honda Jazz and their most expensive is the brand new NSX, which is a powerful turbo charged V6 3.4 litre engine. 

According to the research we’ve done here at, the top three most popular Hondas are the Civic, the Jazz and the CR-V. A brand new model of the most basic Jazz will set you back around £13,495, The Civic comes in at £14,500 - £30,000, and you could be driving home a shiny new CR-V for around £22,770.

You don’t have to buy new of course, there are plenty of second hand models on the market with 44% of people buying their second hand Honda for under £8,999. Honda was named the most reliable second hand car in research by What Car? And Warranty Direct. It has claimed this accolade nine times! 

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What insurance groups are Hondas in?

The insurance group depends on the model and age of the Honda you choose. The Honda Civic Hatchback starts in group 8, the Jazz starts in group 13 and the CR-V starts in group 24. Other popular models like the Honda HR-V and the Stream start off in group 18. Older Civics can be found as low as group 6. 

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How much is average insurance?

The insurance group is typically reflected in the price of insurance and based on data from quotes we have provided, we can tell you that the average cost of insurance for the three most popular Honda cars is:

- Civic - £752.00

- Jazz - £550.12

- CR-V - £459.47*

Bear in mind that these prices are just average. Our average premiums are based on all our customer quotes, from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. Everyone is different and quotes do depend on factors like your age, experience, what you do for a living, where you live and where your car is kept.

 Hondas also have good petrol consumption making them an economical choice, and their low CO2 emissions gives them higher green credentials which can sometimes help to make your insurance cheaper. We’ve put together some handy stats on the three most popular Hondas to help you:

- Civic with a 1.4 engine gives 52 mpg and has CO2 emissions of 129g/km

- Jazz with a 1.3 engine gives 56 mpg and has CO2 emissions of 120g/km

- CR-V with a 2 litre engine gives 37 mpg and has CO2 emissions of 177g/km


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*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
**Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence from May 2018. 50% of consumers could achieve a saving of up to £274.51 on their motor insurance premium with Compare the Market

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