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The success story at Hyundai is nothing short of astonishing. The South Korean company didn’t even exist before 1967. They’re very much the youngster of the motoring world when compared to other more established brands.

The history

What do you think was the first car to roll off the Hyundai production line? Would you believe it was actually a Ford Cortina!? Hyundai started up as a joint venture with Ford. 

They were managed initially by the former leader of Austin Morris responsible for some iconic, if questionable designs. If you’re old enough, think back to the Allegro and Princess.  If you’re not old enough, ask your Dad!

From such beginnings the group is now the fifth largest producer in the world. In 2014 they sold some 7.7m cars, almost double the 4m they had sold only three years earlier.

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Insuring a Hyundai

Whatever car you’re insuring, the costs will always depend on a number of different things personal to you. Your age, your driving experience and where you live will all play a part. In addition to that, the make and model of the car is important.

Each car has an ‘insurance group’ attached to it. Insurance groupings take into account a whole host of different things including repair costs, part prices, safety features, security and car performance.

If you're looking to save money and trying to find a cheaper car insurance premium, it will be worth checking which insurance group your car is in. Cars in lower insurance groups normally attract a lower premium. 

Can I afford a Hyundai?

We’ve looked at the average price consumers were being quoted for Hyundai insurance on comparethemarket.com in September 2017.

In September 2017, the IX35, despite being in insurance groups 16– 28 (depending on the model), was the cheapest on average to insure with a premium price of £435.54.

The I10 which has models in the lowest insurance group possible, had an average price of £509.24, and attracted the most requests for quotes, with 24% of the total Hyundai requests.

Other popular models included the I20 at £538.48 and the I30 at £560.61. Together they accounted for a further 30% of quotes requested.

At the more expensive end of the range were the Accent at £700.97 and the Coupe at £807.19**.

**All average price amounts based on comparethemarket.com data from July - September 2017

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