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Kia has emerged as a serious contender in the budget sector and its EV range is making waves around the world.

Along with sister brand Hyundai, Kia has successfully thrown off the shackles of its cut-price image and, while it continues to offer value for money, the cars are genuinely selling on style and performance grounds now.

While it’s great that you can get value with your new Kia, we’re here to help you further with a cut-price Kia car insurance premium.

Kia Car Insurance

Kia has become a genuine option for the informed car buyer, thanks to pricing that goes beyond competitive and seven-year warranties that guarantee total peace of mind. The Korean marque still lags behind Hyundai when it comes to public perception, but it’s making ground on the European competition and is fast establishing itself as major brand that doesn’t just have to compete solely on cost grounds. 

compare kia car insurance

What is the best deal for Kia car insurance?

This is always a difficult question and illustrates just why you need a price comparison. There isn’t one perfect insurance policy as each insurer applies their unique assessment algorithm to your personal circumstances. One insurer might have an issue with your age, your employment status or address, whereas another provider may reflect more generously upon these risks. The right Kia insurance policy for one person might be totally wrong for another.

You might also have your own specific requirements for your insurance like limited mileage, a young second driver or any manner of combinations that could make an alternative insurer a better deal.

It’s always good business to shop around, you can always turn up a surprise deal and a quick price comparison could even show you that you could save money by upgrading to a fully comprehensive insurance policy if you simply go with a different company.

Now you can simply enter your details on our site and let us do the work. We’ll find you a range of quotes and you can make an informed decision. 

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How affordable is Kia car insurance?

Kia prides itself on value for money. It’s a core principle of the brand. So you can rest assured that you will get insurance quotes to match, providing your driving history warrants it.

Kia is not an excessively sporting brand and most of its range, such as the Kia Rio, slots in to insurance groups 5-15 £531.11, so you shouldn’t break the bank based on the car itself. The sporty Cee’d models is Group 18, but comes in with an average insurance quote of £507.71*.

The Cee’d has put the Korean marque right into the fray with the likes of the VW Golf and Ford Focus, while the charismatic Soul, a mini MPV with a big heart, has won European hearts and minds.

So if you’ve joined the growing crowd and bought a Kia, now you need to insure it. The mainstream insurers are at your disposal and there is a Kia car insurance quote to suit almost everybody, let us help guide you through the maze with a comparison or over 100 insurance providers to get you on your way.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

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