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Compare Lamborghini Car Insurance

A Lamborghini is a dream car for all of us, but how much would it cost to insure one of these luxury sports cars? Purchasing one of their newer models is likely to cost you in excess of £180,000, which can leave you wondering where you stand regarding your car insurance premium. We can help with that.


Older cars like the Murcielago, Gallardo, Countach and Diablo are still highly desirable cars, too. They can tax some insurers to the limit, though, with quotes varying wildly across the board. So save time and make sure you get the best deal with our price comparison service right here.

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How much does it typically cost to insure a Lamborghini?

Inevitably, even ‘basic’ Lamborghinis are Group 20, with the Aventador slotting in to Group 50, so they’re not cheap to insure. The carbon-fibre chassis and bodywork costs serious money to replace if you have an accident and, considering the speeds this car is capable of, that is always a possibility.

If you are under 25 then it’s going to be an uphill struggle to insure the car at all, but there are insurers who will take on this kind of risk. Everything is possible, if your pockets are deep enough. Voluntarily accept some restrictions, too, and you can do a lot to reduce the price of your premiums and take the sting out of this tale. 

Other factors include secure parking, an effective and approved tracker and more. Lamborghinis are a dream car for all of us, unfortunately that includes car thieves. So if an Aventador Roadster is parked on the street then it becomes seriously attractive to organised criminals who could ship it out of the country. If it is kept in a secure garage with a tracker fitted, your insurance providers will sleep better at night and you’ll get a better price.

The older cars have depreciated to the extent that they can almost be classed as affordable and the insurance policies reflect that. The average quote on a Gallardo, is now £1,866.17*.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
compare lamborghini car insurance

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Who are the best insurers for Lamborghini’s?

If we were to recommend you to any single provider, you could very well end up with a shock. Each insurance provider calculates different risks in their own way. This means that whilst you may get your best quote with insurer A, your neighbour could well find a better deal with Insurer B.

If you’ve bought a Lamborghini, new or old, then it’s time to get comparing and get an insurance quote. Then you can just go out and have fun, safe in the knowledge that we have got you covered.

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