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Compare Land Rover Car Insurance

Land Rover is a British institution car manufacturer and it’s stronger than ever. Range Rover is flying the flag proudly with the likes of the Evoque, the Vogue and the Sport. Older models are still alive and kicking, too.

The latest cars are a world away from the basic engineering of the original, but they still venture off road with the best of them. So can you just delve into our price comparison service and get a great quote in minutes?

Yes, you can.

What insurance do I need?

You can take whichever policy suits you best from a range of the UK’s most popular insurers on our site.

It may have a hill descent system, but the modern Range Rovers are more comfortable in the fast lane of a motorway than tackling a vertical climb on the moors. They sit comfortably in Premiership footballer’s driveways, the CEO’s parking spot at major corporations and more. They’re not the farmyard tools of yesteryear these days.

The Evoque has brought the British icon to an even younger crowd and Victoria Beckham was even drafted in to help the company with a special edition. By creating a convertible, Land Rover has taken the Evoque into even more daring territory and created a car that urban warriors will want to drive.

So if you want Land Rover insurance, or you’re thinking about putting in an order, head over to the comparison service and get your Land Rover on the road right now.

compare land rover car insurance

How much is Land Rover car insurance likely to cost?

As always it depends on your driving history and much more. If you want a second driver on the policy, then this can also have a major impact on the insurance premium.

Look out for modifications if you’re buying a used car, too. You might be delighted to have an Overfinch body kit on a second-hand Range Rover, but it could have serious implications when it comes to the cost and some insurers won’t cover you at all.

The Range Rover has an average insurance quote of £818.94, but you should check carefully before you commit to buying and you should run a search if you’re worried about the cost of your premium. Even that model is a range within a range and costs which can vary wildly depending on the spec.

At the low-end of the Land Rover spectrum, a Defender 110 costs an average of £567.12, while the Range Rover Sport’s average quote came in at £1,024.89*.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
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Which is the cheapest insurer for Land Rover?                       

Your circumstances will always have a major influence on your specific quote and we simply cannot tell you the insurance company that will give you the best quote. That’s why we advise you to compare quotes from over 100 different insurance providers and get the best deal.

So if you have a brand new Range Rover or a shabby chic Land Rover, you can get a fair quote at the right level of cover for you here. Let us help you get on the road, by comparing over one hundred leading insurance providers to match you with the best insurance premium available to you.

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