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Land Rover Defender car insurance

The Land Rover Defender has become an icon of the SUV scene after achieving huge success in the mass market, attracting individuals, families and business professionals alike.

The popularity of Land Rover Defender models including the 110 and Defender 90 is largely attributed to the attention paid to the economic value of owning one of these cars in comparison to other SUVs.

This is also true when it comes to insurance. Your Land Rover Defender car insurance policy could be much cheaper than you think.


What insurance group is a Land Rover Defender?

Dependent upon the model that you have selected, your Land Rover Defender will be categorised within insurance groups 23 to 28. 

When you consider that most similar models of large SUVs often sit within insurance group 30 and above, with insurance premiums to match, the Defender continues to offer a much more cost effective alternative.


How affordable is Land Rover Defender car insurance?

Insuring your Land Rover Defender does not have to be a costly affair. With the average insurance premium standing at just £403.30, based on our statistics, the Land Rover Defender offers you the opportunity to own a fantastic SUV without the usual running expenses associated with this type of motoring.

Of course, you may find that your quote fluctuates either side of the spectrum dependant on your driving experience amongst a range of other factors. Insurance companies use your information to assess the risk vs reward of insuring you such as:

- Security: Does your Defender have a functional security system including an alarm and/or immobiliser? Is it parked on the street or in a secure garage? Security is an important aspect of insurer risk assessments.

- Modifications: Have you deviated from the factory standards to improve the performance of your Land Rover Defender? Doing so may push up the price of your insurance.

- Mileage: Do you use your car a lot? The manner in which your Defender is used and the mileage covered will have an impact on your quote from potential insurance providers.


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Who’s quoting the best prices for Land Rover Defender insurance?

Based on our data, Privilege has historically provided almost one in four of our customers the best quote on their Land Rover Defender car insurance.

During February there was one main insurer offering the cheapest quotes. Privilege offered the cheapest prices in 24.66% of quotes, Admiral in 9% of cases and AXA in a further 8%. But we can help you can find the right level of cover for you at a competitive price by helping you search and compare quotes.

All you need to do is provide us with some basic details about you, your driving history and your Defender, and in a few clicks of a mouse we’ll compare hundreds of insurers to make sure you get the best deal for you.

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All cheapest insurance provider data is based on comparethemarket.com data in February 2016