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Lotus is a brand that has evolved around the sporting scene since being established back in 1952. Their passion for sports vehicles has inspired some of the most attractive and sporty road cars on the market today. The pinnacle of their modern success was largely contributed by the Lotus Elise, a head-turning car known for its acceleration and high speeds.

What insurance group are Lotus cars?

If you are looking to purchase the Lotus Elise or another of their models, you should first make sure you are aware what insurance group it fits into and what premium you can expect.

Lotus cars tend to fit into the higher bracket of insurance groups due to their sports nature, fast acceleration and high speeds.

Lotus Elise, the most popular model based on searches with us, falls into insurance group 43 or 48 dependent upon the model. The 1.8 Lotus Elise, which boasts a 5.8 second 0-60 performance, is categorised within insurance group 43, however the 1.8 111S Lotus Elise, with a higher performance of just 5.3 seconds 0-60 is found in insurance group 48.

The Lotus Europa ranges between insurance groups 46 and 47. The only model of which in the insurance 47 category is the Europa SE Luxury Touring 3d.

On the lower end of the scale of the Lotus models available today, the Lotus Elise 340R is categorised lower at insurance group 42, whilst the Lotus Elan S2 2d is as low as insurance group 30.

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How affordable is Lotus car insurance?

Although these cars are very sports orientated and you would expect premiums to be through the roof, our experience suggests that it might not be quite as expensive as you might think.

Based on comparison results we have provided drivers, Lotus Elise insurance cover averages just £939.15 for an individual, whilst the Esprit is significantly cheaper at just £228.72.**

The cheapest Lotus model to insure is the Lotus Elan with the average insurance premium for this model being only a very affordable £136.53 for an individual.**

From our experience, the Lotus Exige and Evora models are the most expensive to insure. This is closely followed by the Lotus Elise, however this still remains the most popular model by a significant amount.

It is also worth noting that most Lotus drivers tend to be more experienced behind the wheel in comparison to makes such as Peugeot or Ford (you wouldn’t often see a student driving around in a Lotus Esprit). This affects your insurance price as more experienced drivers are typically seen as less of a risk and therefore obtain better rates.

**Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

Which Lotus car insurance provider is right for me?

The most important question when assessing providers should be which amount of cover is right for me? Car insurance is a crowded market with many insurance companies offering very similar premiums; knowing what cover you want to achieve and comparing the price across these providers is the best way to get the best deal.

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Where can I get the best Lotus car insurance quote?

You can compare over one hundred leading insurance providers in minutes. By simply entering information about yourself and your Lotus, we can present you with quotes with the right level of cover for you. So, why not start comparing Lotus car insurance quotes now.

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