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Ford Ranger pickup insurance

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Why choose a Ford Ranger?

If you’re looking for a pickup that’s built for work but comfy enough to drive at the weekend too, the Ford Ranger may be the truck for you. According to Top Gear, the Ranger was 2022’s best-selling pick-up in the UK, so American car giant Ford must be doing something right.

Ford Rangers are classed as commercial vehicles in the UK. They can make good company cars, with a range of personalisation options to make them work for your business. Depending on the model, the Ranger is also versatile enough to stand in as a family car when you clock off.

The Ford Ranger has all-wheel drive and is designed for off-road use, but for a pickup, it’s surprisingly nimble on roads. The modern Ranger also comes with high-tech features, including a large touchscreen and a host of safety features that helped it to earn a 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

What insurance group is my Ford Ranger in?

It depends what model of Ford Ranger you own. Ford Rangers come in an array of different engine sizes, body styles and trims.

Ford Rangers, like other pickups, are typically classed as vans for tax and insurance group purposes. As with car insurance groups, van insurance groups range 1-50, but the groups differ according to when your van – or in this case pickup – was first registered:

  • Ford Rangers registered before 2016 can fall into groups 1-20. Group 1 is typically the cheapest to insure for these older models and group 20 the most expensive.
  • Ford Rangers registered after 2016 can fall into groups 21-50. Group 21 is typically the cheapest to insure for these newer models, and group 50 the most expensive.

What affects the cost of my Ford Ranger insurance?

The model of Ford Ranger you drive and its insurance group will affect the price of your insurance. But insurance providers will also look at your driving history and personal circumstances – for example, where you live – when calculating your premium.

With our comparison tool, you can enter your details and compare a range of personalised quotes to find cover that works for you.

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What cover do I need for my Ford Ranger?

When you arrange pickup insurance for your Ford Ranger, you can choose from three different levels of cover:

  • Third party – is the minimum amount of cover you’ll need by law. It covers you for any damage or injury you cause to other people and property while driving. But it won’t cover any damage to your own pickup truck.
  • Third party, fire and theft – offers the same protection as third-party insurance but will also cover you if your Ranger is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive policies – includes all the cover you’ll get with a third-party, fire and theft policy, plus cover for your own pickup in case it’s damaged in an accident.

Despite offering the most protection for your Ranger, fully comprehensive pickup insurance isn’t always the most expensive cover available. So it’s worth comparing different levels of cover.

When you take out cover, you’ll also need to specify what you’re going to use your Ford Ranger for:

  • Private pickup truck insurance will cover you if you use your Ranger for social, leisure and domestic purposes only. For example, to ferry the kids to after-school activities, do the weekly shop or take the family on holiday.
  • Commercial pickup truck insurance is what you’ll need if you use your Ranger for work or business (even if it’s only occasionally). For example, to transport tools and material as a tradesperson, or to make deliveries.

What extras can I add to my Ford Ranger pickup insurance policy?

Depending on what you use your Ranger for, you can add on additional cover to your policy for extra peace of mind. But it will bump up your premiums.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover includes roadside assistance and recovery services to help you continue your journey if your Ranger fails unexpectedly.

Motor legal protection

Legal cover could help cover your legal fees if a claim is made against you or you want to take another driver to court.

Wrong fuel cover

Misfuelling to cover the cost of draining, cleaning and repairing your Ranger if you accidentally put the wrong fuel in the tank.

Personal belongings cover

Personal possessions cover covers the cost of replacing personal items that are stolen from your car or damaged in a fire or accident.

Courtesy car cover 

Courtesy vehicle covers you for use of a replacement vehicle while your pickup is being repaired after an accident.

Personal accident cover

Personal accident insurance cover additional cover in case you or your partner are seriously injured or killed in a car accident.

Windscreen cover

Windscreen insurance covers the cost for your chipped or broken windscreen to be repaired, replaced and, if needed, recalibrated.

No claims bonus protection

No claims bonus protection to protect your no claims discount if you need to make a claim.

Lost keys cover

Lost car keys cover to pay for getting a new set of pickup keys and replacing the locks if your keys are lost or stolen.

Tools cover

Tools insurance if you’re a tradesperson using your Ranger to carry around tools and equipment, you might need extra tools cover to make sure you’re protected.

Goods in transit cover

Goods in transit insurance if you’re an independent business using your Ranger to courier goods, this cover will protect the contents of your pickup.

Comprehensive pickup insurance policies, whether private or commercial, may include some of this extra cover as standard. It’s worth checking whether you could save money overall by choosing a more comprehensive policy.

Why compare Ford Ranger pickup insurance with Compare the Market?

To make sure you’re getting a great deal on your pickup insurance, it’s wise to shop around. But who has the time to go from site to site comparing quotes?

We can save you the hassle. We can compare quotes from 37 providers[1] in just 8 minutes[1] so you can see what’s available for your Ford Ranger.

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[1] Correct as of June 2024.

[2] Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during May 2024, 51% of customers could achieve this saving on their Van insurance through Compare the Market.

[3] Based on Online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during May 2024, 10% of customers could achieve this saving on their Van insurance through Compare the Market.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Ford Ranger expensive to run?

Some models of the Ford Ranger can be relatively fuel efficient compared to other pickups. However, because of their size and weight, and their tendency to carry heavy loads, pickups tend to be less fuel efficient and more expensive to run than cars.

Why do Ford Rangers make good work vehicles?

Ford Rangers are sturdy, off-road vehicles that are capable of hauling and towing heavy loads, so they can make good work trucks.

Double-cab models of the Ford Ranger, with a payload of at least one tonne, qualify as Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs). This means they’re charged a flat rate of vehicle tax.

As company vehicles, some models of the Ford Ranger qualify for a fixed rate of benefit-in-kind tax when used outside of work. Meanwhile, company cars are taxed on a sliding scale according to their emissions.

VAT-registered businesses can also claim back VAT when they buy double-cab pickups classed as LCVs. The proportion of VAT that’s reclaimable depends on how much the pickup is driven for work.

Is there an electric or hybrid version of the Ford Ranger?

No, there isn’t an electric or hybrid version of the Ford Ranger. But the rumour mill believes a hybrid or fully electric version could be released in the next few years.

Can I get car insurance for my Ford Ranger?

No, Ford Rangers are pickup trucks and not cars. To cover a pickup truck, you’ll need van insurance.

Page last reviewed on 18 JULY 2024
by Julie Daniels