Compare Ford S-MAX car insurance

What is a Ford S-Max?

First released in 2006, the S-Max was designed by Ford as a best-of-both-worlds hybrid of saloon and SUV. It’s a combination that has certainly been embraced by the motoring public. Variously styled as SUV, SAV, mini-van, people carrier and MPV, the S-Max has plenty of room for everyone with its 7-seat layout.

It’s part of a Ford family, sitting alongside the more compact C-Max and the slightly pricier Galaxy in Ford’s line-up.

While it’s a capable family workhorse, the S-Max has enough style and comfort features to keep motoring aficionados from feeling compromised when taking it out for a spin. For example, on the latest models there are massage-enabled seats and a panoramic sunroof, spanning the whole length of the cabin.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Ford S-Max cost to insure?

Depending on the version you pick, your S-Max could belong to an insurance group between 16–34. The insurance group your car belongs to can impact the cost of your car insurance, from 1 (cheapest) to 50 (most expensive). This puts the S-Max somewhere in the middle of the road, so to speak.

Remember, the actual premium you’re quoted will depend on several factors unique to you, such as where you live and how long you’ve had your license.

Can I cut the cost of my Ford S-Max insurance?

Getting cheap car insurance is a mixture of savvy shopping, careful driving and lifestyle factors – not all of which you can control, unfortunately. Certain factors within your control could help keep costs down though, including: how far you drive, where you keep your car overnight, and how much no-claims discount you’ve built up over the years. 

Where can I find Ford car insurance?

You can compare a wide range of the UK’s most trusted insurance providers using our car insurance comparison tool.

It could be the simplest way to find a cheaper car insurance quote. All we need is a few details about you and your car and then you can choose the deal that’s right for you.