Compare Land Rover Discovery car insurance

Who are Land Rover? 

Land Rover is a British motoring institution best known for its premium four-wheel drive vehicles. The celebrated car manufacturer first opened its doors in 1948 and has since released a versatile range of models. Popular Land Rover models include the Defender, Freelander and, of course, the Land Rover Discovery.

The Discovery features seven spacious seats and an incredible towing capacity of 3,500kg. There have been five generations of this vehicle since its creation in 1989 and it has sold over 1,200,000 models to date.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Land Rover Discovery cost to insure?

The amount that you could pay to insure your Land Rover Discovery will depend on the specific model that you drive, and the car insurance group that it falls into. 

Most Land Rover Discovery models fall between groups 21 – 42, with the 2 litre, 5 door Land Rover Discovery MPi S being among the cheapest to insure and the 4.4 litre, 5 door Land Rover Discovery HSE V8 being one of the most expensive.

Keep in mind that the amount you pay for your car insurance will depend on your personal circumstances, including your age and your profession and even where you park overnight.

Can I cut the cost of my Land Rover Discovery insurance?

There are various ways you might be able to cut the cost of a car insurance premium.

Making sure you accurately give your typical mileage a year will help ensure you’re not paying insurance on mileage you aren’t clocking up.

Also, if you pay your annual premium in one go, rather than in monthly instalments, this could help to bring down your costs. Telematics insurance is another great option to consider.

Comparing the cost of insurance from different providers can also help you find a competitive quote.

Where can I find Land Rover Discovery insurance?

Right here with Compare the Market. Tell us a bit about yourself and your vehicle and we’ll source relevant car insurance quotes from a wide range of different insurance providers. Why not see if you could save?

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