Compare Lotus car insurance

Who are Lotus?

A proud British manufacturer, Lotus are celebrated for their sport and racing cars. They’ve been in the game since 1952 and have since released a variety of drool-worthy models including the Lotus Evora, Elise and Exige, to name a few.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Lotus cost to insure?

The good news is that, considering their status, many Lotus models won’t cost as much to insure as you might expect – especially if you compare quotes from different insurance providers.  

Lotus cars tend to fit into the higher bracket of insurance groups due to their sports nature, fast acceleration and high speeds.

Model Insurance Group
Lotus Elan S2 2d 30
Lotus Elise 340R 42
Lotus Elise 42-48
1.8 Lotus Elise 43
1.8 111S Lotus Elise 48
Lotus Europa 46-47

Can I cut the cost of my Lotus car insurance?

There are no guarantees, but there are a few steps you can take to try to lower your premium. Reducing your annual mileage is something to consider. And you may save money by paying off your premium in one go instead of in monthly instalments.

It is also advisable to park your car somewhere safe at night and to fit your Lotus with a few extra security features, like an immobiliser and an alarm.

Where can I find Lotus car insurance?

With our help, you can compare a wide range of insurance providers in minutes. By simply entering information about yourself and your car, we can present you with quotes with the right level of cover for you and your prized Lotus.

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