Compare Mercedes Benz CLK car insurance

 Who are Mercedes?

Anyone who knows the iconic Mercedes-Benz logo knows that the brand’s history is anything but humble. Founder Carl Benz created the first “vehicle without horses”, pulling off an incredible feat of engineering that would change the world.  
Still known as a revolutionary car pioneer, Mercedes-Benz has a simple goal: “the best, or nothing”. The brand has certainly lived up to its mantra, producing some of the world’s most recognisable luxury vehicles.  
The brand is also behind some of the key innovations that make driving what it is today. Anti-lock brakes, the “safety cage” car model, traction control and the first US airbags all came from Mercedes-Benz.  

Frequently asked questions

What is the Mercedes CLK?

The Mercedes CLK-Class series of luxury convertibles and coupés was introduced in 1998. It was designed as a follow-up to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupé and other stylish convertible vehicles that were popular during the 1990s.  
Although the range only lasted until 2010, the cars in the portfolio were recognised as status symbols, with their sleek lines and executive look.  More than 700,000  Mercedes CLK-Class cars were sold during its production run, so if you get your hands on one now, count yourself lucky. 
The Mercedes CLK is offered in different trim styles. The Elegance offers drivers total comfort, while the Sport improves power steering and lumbar support. The Avantgarde is a more streamlined, sporty affair, with the CLK63 AM being recognised as a racing great. 

How much does a Mercedes CLK cost to insure?

Insurance providers place car makes and models into separate insurance groups numbered 1–50, with the higher numbers usually indicating a higher premium. Due to their luxury status, Mercedes CLK vehicles generally fall within the higher ranges of insurance groups.  
Our car insurance group checker should help you find the insurance group for your particular Mercedes CLK model. We’ve included a few examples below for you to see the range: 
Model                                            Insurance Group 
Mercedes CLK 200 Avantgarde                27 
Mercedes CLK 320 Elegance Auto           33 
Mercedes CLK 350 Sport Cabriolet          45 
Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Coupé                  50 

Where can I find Mercedes Benz insurance?

It could work to your benefit to compare Mercedes Benz car insurance using the service provided by Compare the Market. We can help you to compare quotes from a wide range of different car insurance providers in the UK.

Interested in learning more about the possible insurance costs for another make of car? Our manufacturers hub is where you’ll find all the info you’ll need.

Can I cut the cost of my Mercedes insurance?

Your driving history and car-keeping habits are likely to play a part in how much you’re quoted for your car insurance. Have a look at the factors that impact your car insurance, to see what insurance providers will look at when considering your application.   
Think about what type of car insurance will suit you most. To understand if you need full coverage and if you can lower the cost of your insurance, read our guide to fully comprehensive car insurance
Mercedes vehicles are often considered high-value cars, which can affect your insurance.  
An option that might be beneficial is to increase your voluntary excess. This can lower the cost of your premium, but make sure you’re able to afford the excess if you need to make a claim.  

Where can I find Mercedes CLK insurance

If you’re looking for Mercedes CLK insurance, we’ve got you covered. Start a quote with us and we’ll provide you with prices from a wide range of leading insurance providers. 
If you’re looking to insure a different vehicle, take a look at our comprehensive manufacturer hub for further information.