Compare Rolls Royce car insurance

Who are Rolls Royce? 

Rolls-Royce have a rich and regal history spanning back to 1904. It was originally formed by the partnership of engineer Henry Royce and motor car dealer Charles Royce.  

In 1907 their first car, the Silver Ghost, was produced. Establishing the brand’s reputation for reliability, luxury and comfort, the Ghost was declared ‘the best car in the world’ after travelling from London to Glasgow a record-breaking 27 times. 

Wholly owned by German motor group BMW since 1998, Rolls-Royce are still producing cars fit for royalty and continue to be a status symbol for wealth, opulence and success. 

Rolls-Royce aren’t your typical car, and many are bought as investments or by classic car collectors. New car prices are eye-watering! 

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Rolls-Royce cost to insure?

As with all car brands, the insurance costs for a Rolls-Royce can depend on a number of factors such as the value of the car, details about the owner and the car insurance group  the Rolls-Royce model is allocated to.  

The insurance group will take into account various factors including car value, power and engine performance, repair costs and parts prices. So, with this in mind, it can be safe to assume that your Rolls-Royce will be at the higher end of the insurance group scale.

Can I cut the cost of my Rolls-Royce car insurance?

Owning such a luxury vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t get a fair deal on your car insurance.  
It certainly pays to shop around and compare quotes, even with such a prestigious make of car. The following could also make a difference to the cost of your premium:

Limit your annual mileage and avoid driving your Rolls-Royce in rush hour traffic.
Keep your Rolls-Royce parked overnight in a secure place.
Increase your voluntary excess.
Avoid any modifications, unlike John Lennon who had his Rolls painted in psychedelic colours and fitted with a TV and fridge!

Where can I find Rolls-Royce car insurance?

It may be no surprise to know that finding car insurance for your Rolls-Royce with a mainstream provider may be difficult. Those willing to quote for such a high value vehicle are more likely to be specialist insurance providers.  

And depending on the age of your Rolls-Royce, it may be worth considering Classic Car insurance.

We can help take away the headache of finding the right insurance policy for your treasured Rolls-Royce. Within minutes we can provide you with a list of quotes from suitable insurance providers who deal with prestigious, high-value vehicles. 

Compare car insurance quotes with us and see if you can save. 

And if you’d like to compare Rolls-Royce insurance costs with other prestigious rivals such as Bentley or Ferrari, check out the list of brands at our car manufacturers hub.