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Who are TVR?

TVR is an independent British car manufacturer best known for its classic sports cars. They’ve been in operation since 1946 and are celebrated for their stylish coupes and convertibles.

TVR was originally known as Trevcar Motors – a car repair and engineering business – named after its founder, 23-year-old engineer Trevor Wilkinson.

In 1949, Wilkinson built his first sports car by modifying the body on an Alvis Firebird chassis. His first attempt didn’t set the automotive word alight, but his TVR Grantura – released in 1958 – did. A short wheelbase sports car sold in kit form, by the standards of the day the Grantura was fast, agile and handsome, and captured the imagination of petrol heads everywhere.

Despite several brushes with bankruptcy, TVR has continued to produce ever more exciting sports cars, such as the Cerbera, Sangaris and Tuscan convertible. Renowned for their power, speed and style, each car is built to order, right here in the UK.

With its long history, popularity and high standard of production, TVR has become an iconic British brand, and its cars are rightly regarded as classics.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a TVR cost to insure?

It’s important to find out which insurance group  your TVR is in. The lower the group, the cheaper the car is likely to be to insure.

Model Insurance groups
TVR Chimaera Group 20
TVR Cerbera Group 20
TVR Tuscan Group 20

Can I cut the cost of my TVR insurance?

If you follow our helpful advice, you may be able to get a discount on your TVR car insurance. First, start by getting rid of ‘unnecessary’ add-ons from your policy. Make sure that what’s being sold to you meets your requirements – you don’t want to pay for features you don’t really need.

Increasing your car’s security could also go a long way to securing a lower premium. Think immobilisers, alarms and GPS trackers. Just bear in mind you may need to speak directly with your insurance provider to see these reductions reflected in your premium.

Where can I find TVR insurance?

If your car is rare, or you take it to rallies or hire it out, it could be worth exploring insurance for classic cars or you can opt for specialist classic car policies that may offer extra cover for things you wouldn’t need for a modern car.

If you fall into the ‘normal use’ category, let us help you make sure you get the right insurance for your most prized possession. Get a car insurance quote now to see if you can save.

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