Compare Volkswagen Touran car insurance

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Who are Volkswagen?

German car manufacturer Volkswagen is well-recognised across more than 150 countries, selling 10.83 million vehicles in 2018, across all its brands, according to company figures – with around 6.2 million of them sitting under the VW passenger vehicle brand. 
The brand has a reputation for making great mainstream cars, offering everything from tiny city runabouts, like the Up!, to the Volkswagen Touareg 4x4. Volkswagen is probably most known for its Golf and Polo models, as well as the iconic VW Beetle.    
If you’re interested in something practical with a bit of pizzazz, keep an eye out for Volkswagen’s future hybrid and electric cars. The company has invested nearly €44 billion on new technology, such as autonomous driving and electric-powered cars. The fully electric e-Golf and the e-up! Are already available, with more in the pipeline. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the Volkswagen Touran?

The Volkswagen Touran was introduced in 2003 to provide a compact but functional family car. With a choice of five or seven seats, it’s perfect for packing in the kids and family dog. 
The 2018 Volkswagen Touran range comes in five models, with five engines to choose from. A panoramic sunroof means you can keep the kids busy with the view, and a hands-free system to open the boot means you can load and unload without hassle.   

How much does a Volkswagen Touran cost to insure?

Your specific circumstances may affect your quote, however. Where you live, your job, your age and your driving history are all factors that insurance providers consider.  
The insurance group, from 1–50, will also make a difference. The higher the group number, the higher the potential cost of your premium. The Volkswagen Touran is rated relatively low on the scale, so should be a cheaper car insurance option. 
Take a look at our car insurance group checker for your specific model of Volkswagen Touran. Below are a few examples:

Model Insurance Group
Touran S 10
Touran Match Bluemotion TDI (105)  13
Touran Match FSI T  16
Touran SE TDI Bluemotion Tech (140) 2010  19
Touran Sport TDI PD (170)  21

Can I cut the cost of my Volkswagen insurance?

A few factors, can influence your premium, so there may be ways to reduce it.   
Checking the value of your vehicle and its annual mileage is a good idea – it could help to reduce your costs if you’re driving a lower value car with lower mileage.  
You’ll find more tips on keeping your premiums as low as possible in our guide to getting cheaper insurance premiums.

Where can I find Volkswagen Touran insurance?

For quotes from top insurance providers for your Volkswagen Touran, check our price comparison service.
And for insurance deals on different makes and models of car, visit our manufacturers hub.