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Compare Maserati Car Insurance

Maserati is considered as a premium car manufacturer and some of their models can be considered as classic cars. Founded back in 1914, this Italian manufacturer boasts an exciting history from family beginnings, innovations in aircraft manufacturing to support WW1 and much more all the way through to developing a luxury car brand.


Continuing to produce luxury cars to this day, drivers of both the classic and newer models can be left torn between your typical insurers, those specialising in classics and those specialising in high value modern cars. This is where we can help you, sourcing the best price across over one hundred insurers for a level of cover that suits you best.

How affordable is Maserati car insurance?

The quote that you would receive upon making an enquiry is unique to you, however the statistics detailed below can give you an impression of what you could expect to pay to insure your car.

The most popular Maserati model that we have come across is the Ghibli, averaging an insurance premium of £1,103.04 per year.

Other popular models include the Gran Turismo (average premium of £1,653.81) and the Gran Turismo S (average premium of £1,357.64).

Although these are certainly higher premiums than you would expect on your typical economy car, when compared against some of the more expensive models you may be surprised. The Gran Cabrio (average premium of £1,150.88).

Some of the more affordable models include the Maserati Coupe (average premium of £545.86), the GT (average premium of £546.83) and the Maserati Quattroporte (average premium of £1,065.20) based on quotes from our site*.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
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Which insurers offer the best premium for Maserati?

You may not find some of the insurance providers below on your typical policy for an economic family car. Most of your typical insurance companies that may offer a great price on your Peugeot 307 or Ford Escort will be reluctant to insure some Maserati models due to various factors such as the difficulty to acquire parts and labour. As Maserati is an older brand, you may find that there is quite a distance between you and your nearest garage.

Based on statistics collected from quotes on our site, Privilege has provided the most affordable premiums for Maserati car insurance. 19% of drivers comparing with us found that they were able to get their best quote from Privilege.

It is difficult to credit a single insurance provider as they cannot apply to everyone. Whilst you may find that one insurance provider is best for you, your friend with an identical vehicle could get a better price via another insurer. This is because of the variation in how each insurance company assesses your information.

Each provider will assess the value of each risk and advantage of insuring you in their own manner, meaning that you could perhaps be saving money by comparing the market.

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Where can I get a fair price on my Maserati car insurance?

You can make sure you are getting the best value for money and the right level of cover for your Maserati with us. By comparing over 100 insurance providers, we can quickly return a series of personal quotes that will allow you to select the most affordable premium for you. You can get a fair price for your car insurance premium within just a few minutes by comparing quotes today.

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