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Mercedes Benz has had a large impact on the car marketplace, releasing a range of models marketed around enhanced luxury and style. We commonly associate luxury vehicles as those most expensive to insure, but that is not necessarily the case.


Purchasing a Mercedes Benz is quite an investment, and as with any high value item, you need to make sure that you have the right amount of cover in place to protect your investment should the worst occur. 

How affordable is Mercedes Benz car insurance?

Mercedes Benz tend to be an expensive car to insure due to their value. However, as these models are often fitted with anti-theft devices and the latest safety features, insurance companies will normally take this into consideration as a positive factor.

The most popular model that we have helped to acquire a car insurance quote is the Mercedes Benz C Class, responsible for over 25% of all Mercedes Benz enquiries. The average insurance premium for this model is £847.89, according to our research.

Some other popular models include the Mercedes Benz A Class which statistically averages £898.74 per year and the Mercedes Benz E Class at £792.14.

Statistically speaking, the cheapest Mercedes models quoted for on-site are the Mercedes Benz SLK (£477.11) and the Mercedes Benz B Class (£675.64).

The more expensive models such as the Mercedes Benz CLA however, average significantly higher premiums at £1,095.39, shortly followed by an average premium of £920.18 for the Mercedes Benz CLS.

Our average premiums are based on all our customer quotes, from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your personal circumstances. As premiums are calculated via a large amount of variables specific to the individuals, you may find that your quote comes out differently.

More experienced drivers with low mileage who have their car parked in a secure garage or driveway overnight will certainly find themselves on the lower end of the scale in comparison to a first time driver who uses the vehicle daily and has no secure parking.

Which providers offer the best car insurance for Mercedes Benz?

There is no simple answer we can provide that will determine the best insurance provider for you. This is due to the manner in which insurance companies calculate their quotes, each provider assesses the risk in their own way. This means that whilst you may find one provider to offer you the best quote, your neighbours will not necessarily get the same offer.

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How can I help ensure I get an affordable premium?

There are a variety of ways in which you can help reduce the premium in advance to purchasing your Mercedes Benz. Whilst some may seem obvious, it’s worth taking into consideration:

- Avoid modifications: Whether you are purchasing brand new or second hand, ensuring that the vehicle has not been modified outside of the factory specifications is a factor that will support your case for a more affordable premium. Changes that enhance performance and/or appearance tend not be viewed positively by insurance providers, unless of course you are improving the safety or security of the car.

- Drive carefully: An important element of your insurance quote comes down to your history. Drivers who make fewer claims and hold a better driving history will find themselves rewarded for it within the car insurance premiums offered.

How can I get a fair price on my Mercedes Benz car insurance?

You can make sure you are getting the best deal available to you by opening yourself up to multiple insurance providers, which is exactly what we help you do via our site. We submit your information to over 100 insurance providers, allowing you to select the most affordable premium for the right level of cover that suits you. You can compare car insurance now and make sure that your Mercedes Benz has all the protection it needs.

All average price amounts based on comparethemarket.com data from July to September 2017.
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