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Compare Mercedes C Class Car Insurance

A Mercedes-Benz always oozes class, none more so than the stylish C Class. So protecting it with Mercedes insurance has got to be a priority. Being the UK’s number one price comparison website, we’re here to help you find that perfect Mercedes-Benz C Class car insurance so both you and your shiny carriage get a peaceful night’s sleep.

What's so covetable about the Mercedes Benz C Class?

This car manufacturer's high-end German-made vehicle offers safety and comfort, with the innovative C Class Saloon being the most popular on the market. The slick Saloon is undoubtedly a head turner on the road, as well as offering impressive fuel performance and low CO2 emissions.

The Mercedes C Class Estate, on the other hand, is seen as a more practical, everyday drive, ideal for the safer drivers and for those who are giving the family a lift day to day. Compare that model to the more muscular C-Class Coupe, that’s popular with thrill-seekers albeit more experienced drivers.

Since being launched in 1993, the C Class family is now into its third generation and still growing strong thanks to its sleek aesthetics and varying engine sizes, which appeal to a wide variety of drivers. 

compare mercedes benz c class car insurance

What insurance group is Mercedes-Benz C Class in?

Since the Mercedes-Benz C Class falls into the price bracket of £26,885 - £67,295 the Mercedes C Class insurance group ratings naturally vary too. But being in the higher-end of luxurious driving they are categorised between Group 11 and Group 19. The no nonsense base models start in Group 11. In this grouping is the timeless beauty that is the Mercedes Benz C Class 180 Classic and the Classic’s sibling, the Mercedes Benz C Class 180 Elegance.

C Class insurance for the base model’s flashier cousins with all the trimmings, however, can start in Group 19. Here we’re talking about the Mercedes Benz C Class 36 and the 43 and the 63 - powerful cars that look like sheer speed. 

mercedes benz c class insurance group

How much does insurance for Mercedes C Class cost?

So, let’s talk money. As you can imagine, getting car insurance for a Mercedes-Benz C Class is going to vary depending on which model you’ve got your hands on. The insurance for your C Class 220 Esprit could be considerably a lot less than, say, the insurance for a C Class 32 that’s got that bit more bite when you put your foot down.

But, based on all the data we’ve collated through our website, the average price of C Class insurance is £871.59*.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

Which insurers offer the best price for Mercedes Benz C Class?

OK, so we’ve got the subject of money out the way and now you’re thinking, ‘who’s going to offer me the cheapest deal?’

So, if you’re keen to get a good deal on your insurance, you can compare car insurance prices now and make sure that you’ve got the right level of cover at the right price for you.

compare mercedes c class car insurance

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