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MG has been one of the best loved car manufacturers of the British 20th century and is still an iconic brand amongst car lovers of today. It’s now being searched for more frequently and by some keen car lovers too! MG is a popular, originally British model and so when you come to insure it, you want a policy that will take all of your needs and wants into consideration...




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Insuring an MG car

MG is a distinct and well-loved brand here in the UK, buying insurance is more than likely at the top of your to-do list, so to make it easier, consider some of the following when you look at taking out car insurance on your MG (whether it be a classic or a coupe):

- MGs drink fuel like there's no tomorrow, so bear this in mind when you're budgeting costs for the type of cover you want

 - Things such as age, level of insurance group, address and driving history can impact the price of your premiums including any additional named drivers

 - The newer MG model, MG6 sits in a low insurance group of 13/14 (1 being the lowest, 50 the highest) making budget insurance a high possibility right from the get go! However, running costs make up for this saving in insurance with high CO2 emissions means that your road tax can be quite expensive, at around £210 a year!


compare mg car insurance

Insurance premiums for MG Models

We all know that we need car insurance to protect ourselves and our cars. A third party policy is the minimum requirement as it will make sure you're covered for any damage to others. You might prefer comprehensive cover for your MG just to give yourself complete peace of mind – add in any extras to your policy such as breakdown cover and legal cover prior to your purchase as some insurers won’t allow you to add the cover midterm.

Take a look at the facts and figures for the UK's insurance groups for the latest MG car range:


Model example


Insurance Group

1.8i MG MGF 2dr



1.8i Steptronic MG MGF 2dr



1.8i VVC MG MGF 2dr



As a result of the above, in 2015, MG launched 2 brand new cars including the 'MG6 GT' and 'MG6 Magnette' both stylish and affordable and opening the market up to more and more people other than sports car fans! MG is known for its reliable cars and so reliable insurance should1 come alongside this too, don't you think?

MG car

The history behind MG

80% of the new MG6 cars are built in China before finally being pieced together right here in the UK at the MG branch in Longbridge, Birmingham. MG has always been known as a British manufacturer that builds stylish yet affordable cars and back in the early 1920s when the Morris Garage Manager found a niche for the type of car that MG produces now, MG began regularly turning out sports cars until MG Rover, the company it eventually became owned by, went into administration back in 2005. But because that happened, it didn't mean MG owners gave up too...

From sports cars to saloons, MG has had its fair share of spotlight when it comes to well-run motors, starting with the 1936 TA Midget and going to the adapted 1953 TF Midget. The classic MG characteristics were always there – small and affordable.

 Back in 2014 MG celebrated its 90th birthday, the famous old brand was enjoying the spotlight once again with two new models, the MG6 and MG3, on the market. The MG3, an affordable, stylish and modern motor of insurance category 4, is one of the popular ones with the MG6, a sporty and spacious hatchback, next on the list!

So, if your beloved MG's insurance is up for renewal and you're wondering which provider can give you the best, top notch policy, why not take a look at what we can do for you and your MG, whether it be MGF or a newer model like the MG6s – whatever it is, we'll compare the UK’s most popular insurers to make sure you get what you deserve!

We’re here to find and suit your requirements at a price that is great value and make it as easy as saying 1,2, MG!


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