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Mitsubishi have released a wide range of model series which have gained recognition for their style, power and luxury. Purchasing your Mitsubishi can be frightening when you first start considering your car insurance, but you don’t need to be paying over the odds. We’ll help you understand which factors affect your insurance premium and how to find the right deal.


Mitsubishi has been manufacturing cars since 1917, starting with the traditional Model A. With their newer models, such as the powerful Lancer Evolution model, the demand for Mitsubishi has continued and resulted in import demand to such extent the Lancer Evolution series was sold into Europe. The bestselling Mitsubishi in recent years has actually been the bigger L200 pick up, which shows the Mitsubishi popularity of power within their range.

How affordable is Mitsubishi car insurance?

Although your quote will differentiate from any other drivers, due to your unique experience and circumstances, you can get a rough idea of how much you would spend on a model from the statistics below based Compare the Market customer data from February 2018.

The Mitsubishi Colt car insurance averaged at £692.64, whilst the Lancer stands a little higher at £842.37.

On average the Mitsubishi Shogun was slightly cheaper with an average premium of £531.56, £594.00 for the Shogun Pinin and a little cheaper at £497.84 for the Shogun Sport.

Some of the most affordable Mitsubishi models to insure include the Mirage (averages £438.30), the ASX (averages £458.94) and even the Outlander (averages £557.62).

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
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What are the most popular models of Mitsubishi?

Based on our data, the Mitsubishi Colt consumes more than one in four of all Mitsubishi insurance enquiries that we compare, whilst the Shogun and Lancer are both respectively popular models. As such a popular manufacturer with a large range of models, we see a large range of their cars come through daily including the Outlander, ASX, Shogun Sport and many more.


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How can I keep my Mitsubishi car insurance quote down?

There is no perfect solution to acquiring the best quote, however if you are struggling to meet the most right price for you, there are some measures that you can consider such as adding a family member or friend with more driving experience as a named driver (as long as they are genuinely going to be driving your car).

In addition to this, if your car is not fitted with an immobiliser or any other approved security systems, implementing one may be a way of demonstrating to insurers that your car has a reduced risk of being stolen. This could also help bring your price down.

An important tip to remember is to avoid getting any modifications to your Mitsubishi whether you are looking to improve the performance or cosmetic appearance, insurance providers will not look positively on deviations from the car manufacturers specifications. However, you may need to speak directly with your insurer to see these reductions reflected in your premium.


Where can I get my Mitsubishi car insurance?

You can find the level of cover that suits you best when enquiring about your Mitsubishi car insurance cover with us, which will be submitted to over one hundred different insurance providers. You will get access to your quotes in just minutes, from which you can select the car insurance quote that’s right for you. It is simple and takes just a few minutes, probably less than it took to read this page.

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