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Compare Nissan Micra Car Insurance

The Nissan Micra range offers two petrol engine models, which creates a fluctuation in the insurance category and prices that you should expect. The Nissan Micra is an economical car often valued by family orientated drivers. Getting a fair price and the right level of cover for you is a process that you should review thoroughly to maximise your savings.


The Nissan Micra has been on the scene for over three decades now with various design generations. These models are often considered a good option for first time drivers due to their smaller engine which is reflected in their insurance group.

What insurance group is the Nissan Micra In?

This car manufacturer's Nissan Micra can range anywhere from insurance group five to insurance group nine, essentially making all of their models applicable to the lower spectrum of insurance costs.

This makes it a fantastic option for somebody specifically looking to run a car on a minimal budget or perhaps somebody that due to their driving record finds it difficult to get a lower insurance premium. As the Nissan Micra goes back over thirty years, you will often find you can pick them up rather cheap too.

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So how affordable is Nissan Micra car insurance at a glance?

The average insurance policy quoted via our website is £704.84*. Our averages are based on all our customer quotes, from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your personal circumstances.

An experienced driver with an older model that has the smaller engine such as the 1.2 Litre Visia may find that their insurance premium is lower than this due to their no claims discount, the value of the car and the lower insurance group. A first time driver however with a newer and more powerful model such as the DIG-5 Acenta, could expect to be paying somewhere within this region or above.

Unfortunately, the only way to truly know how much your car insurance quote would cost is to run your own search. You can compare over 100 insurers in a few minutes right here with us.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

How can the insurance premiums be lowered on a Nissan Micra?

There are such a large number of factors that contribute to the cost of your car insurance quote that listing them would take all day, but some quick tips that can help you reduce the cost of your quote would be:

- Avoid ‘souping’ up your Nissan Micra – modifications will affect your quote

- Drive sensibly and avoid any penalty points

- Look for one of the older models with fewer miles on the clock, and a smaller engine.

- If you have a garage or a drive, ensure that it is parked there at night and secure.

- An immobiliser and alarm will also help improve security, so it may be worth investing in one if they’re not included as standard on your model. Just bear in mind you may need to speak directly with your insurer to see this reduction reflected in your premium.

Although we cannot guarantee what impact any of these suggestions, they speak for themselves to some degree. Put yourself in insurance provider’s shoes and try to optimise your appeal to them as a safe driver with less risk.

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Who provides the cheapest Nissan Micra car insurance?

As with insuring any car, there is no single provider that can be associated with offering the best price for your car insurance. It is all about matching your circumstances and experience to the right insurer for you

You may have little driving experience or drive very few miles a year. It may be that you have a good security system in your Nissan Micra or you actually have state of the art speakers. Either way, your insurance quotes will be dependent on your needs and there will be different insurers who offer good deals depending on what those needs are.  


How can I get the right level of cover for my Nissan Micra at a fair price?

You can determine the best insurance cover for you and your Nissan Micra and review quotes from over 100 insurance providers by comparing car insurance now. It’s important to review the policies on offer carefully to make sure you find the most affordable solution that best suits your needs.

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