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Autosaint car insurance

Autosaint is a car insurance provider especially for young drivers. So, if you have recently passed your test, or you’re still learning, Autosaint will offer you a competitive car insurance rate. They can do this because they use black box technology or telematics. This encourages young drivers like you to improve your driving skills by having a black box installed in your vehicle and then providing feedback via your online dashboard.

Autosaint car insurance will provide you with an insurance policy at a discounted price because they can then monitor your progress through the black box (telematics) technology.

Autosaint car insurance

What happens first?

Once you’ve accepted your Autosaint insurance quote, you are given 14 days to have your black box fitted. A trained engineer will contact you to make an appointment that suits you. The box will then be fitted under the dashboard of your car.

Once it is up and running it will record the following:

  • Time of driving
  • Mileage
  • Acceleration
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive braking
  • Location of driving
  • G force after an accident

The box also has a GPS tracker, which means it shows a signal which will be useful if your car is stolen.

Do I have to pay for the box, is it mine?

No you don’t have to pay anything for it. It remains the property of Autosaint car insurance. If you sell your car the box stays where it is, it’s just deactivated.

black box insurance from autosaint

Are there any driving restrictions?

No, some insurance companies have curfews, where the car cannot be driven at certain times during the evening. Car insurance with Autosaint doesn’t have a curfew but as driving at night is said to be more of a risk, they advise drivers not to drive between the hours of 11pm and 5am. Obviously we understand that you might need to do this occasionally (you might be driving to an airport to catch an early holiday flight) but frequent night driving could affect your policy.

What if I drive more miles than I originally stated in the Autosaint insurance quote?

We ask you how many miles you’ll drive over the year when you ask Autosaint for a quote. If you know you are going to exceed your limit, you should let Autosaint know, because your premium may have to be altered. However, any extra payments can be made on a monthly basis, so you can budget for the extra expense.

Do you send me feedback on my driving?

You can monitor your performance online by using your personal online dashboard. You’ll also get weekly emails to help you become a better driver.

Can my parents also monitor my driving progress?

Yes, they can. Parents also get peace of mind with Autosaint car insurance because they can keep track of your progress through their own mobile phone or tablet.

What if I ignore your feedback and drive badly?

If you choose to ignore Autosaints warnings and continue to drive badly your policy will eventually be cancelled. Erratic driving can result in immediate cancellation.

Do I build up a no claims discount?

Yes, car insurance with Autosaint means that, if you don't have an accident that was your fault, you build up a no claims discount year after year, just the same as any other car insurance policy.

Will I get a cheaper Autosaint car insurance quote after a year, if I am driving safely?

If you do very well, yes you will qualify for further discounts when you renew your policy.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Black box technology could help increase your driving confidence and guide you to better driving. Get an Autosaint quote today and see just how much you could save on car insurance.

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