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Bell insurance

Bell Car Insurance, part of the Admiral Group, is designed for first time drivers and inexperienced drivers.

Should you need to make a claim, Bell provides immediate assistance from their claims team, If you have an accident and you need to call them, you can contact them on 0333 220 2041.
Terms and conditions will apply to the benefits you’re offered, so it’s important to check your policy wording before you purchase.

Bell car insurance


They use telematics (black box) technology to assess your driving skills, but unlike most other insurers you only need it for a three-month period. If after that time you have proved to Bell car insurance that you are a safe driver, you can unplug the black box and take it out of your vehicle.

You can also see how you’re doing from the feedback Bell give you. You’re rated as a bronze, silver or gold driver and the better you are, the bigger the discount after 3 months.

The black box will tell Bell car insurance how you drive, by looking at:

  • The way to brake
  • How you Accelerate
  • Cornering
  • Where you drive to and from
  • The mileage you do
  • What time you drive

Comprehensive Car insurance from Bell will give you the following benefits:

  • A plug in telematics device (black box)
  • No curfew restrictions
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Driver feedback
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Windscreen cover
  • 90 days’ European cover with the same cover you have in the UK
  • Courtesy car whilst your own vehicle is being repaired (subject to availability)
  • Personal belongings cover
  • Personal injury cover
  • Cover for your audio and visual car equipment

Third Party Fire and Theft

You can also insure your car on a Third Party Fire and Theft basis. This won’t cover your car if you’re in an accident that’s your fault. However it does cover your passengers, any other people that are injured as a result of the accident and any property that has been damaged. Other benefits include:

  • Cover for fire and theft
  • Black box plug in
  • No curfew – Some insurance companies restrict driving at certain times, usually during the night and the early morning, which can be difficult if you are a shift worker or work nights
  • No mileage restrictions – You can drive as far as you like
  • Driver feedback – Bell will give you feedback, which you can see from your computer or smart phone. It will help you to monitor how you’re driving skills are getting better, or if there’s something you need to improve
  • Flexible payments – Make it easier to budget
  • Audio and visual equipment in the car

Third Party Only

The minimum cover of insurance you can have to drive is Third Party. This cover won’t cover any damage to your car, if you have an accident that’s your fault. You won’t be covered for fire or theft either. 

Bell car insurance also have options that you can purchase and add to your policy to give you wider coverage. These are:

  • Bonus accelerator – Get your no claims bonus in 10 months instead of 12
  • Breakdown Cover – You have a choice of 3 packages; local cover, national cover and European cover
  • Legal Protection – You might have an accident that’s not your fault and if you do, you’ll need to make a claim against the other driver for your uninsured losses. Uninsured losses are things like personal injury, your policy excess (which you have to pay even if you weren’t to blame) car hire expenses and loss of earnings
  • Windscreen cover if you don’t have comprehensive insurance

Get a Bell car insurance quote today and see how telematics could help you gain big discounts on your car insurance.

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