Carrot Car insurance

Carrot Insurance provides young driver policies that reward safe driving. They track driving habits using telematics so they can offer ‘usage based insurance’ (UBI). This is more commonly known as ‘black box’ technology, which means lower prices for people who take care on the roads.

Carrot Insurance has two car insurance policy types: for new drivers or less experienced drivers they recommend a ‘New Driver’ policy, and for more experienced drivers a ‘Better Driver’ policy.

Carrot car insurance

New Driver

Carrot’s ‘New Driver’ black box car insurance policy is perfect for new or inexperienced drivers. Carrot provide the driver with an ‘i-box’ tracking device, a smartphone app and a cash rewards programme. Using the black box Carrot can get regular updates on driving behaviour to see if the policy holder is a responsible young driver. Drivers can review their progress using the app or online portal.

The portal and smartphone app provide the driver with useful feedback to continuously improve their driving, thereby earning cash rewards. The cash rewards are a refund of some of the driver’s annual premium (including any Insurance Premium Tax applicable). Over the course of the policy year the driver will have the chance to earn up to a 15% refund of their total annual premium. The ‘New Driver’ policy also enables the driver to build up their no claims bonus.

Better Driver

Carrot’s ‘Better Driver’ policy is more suitable for an experienced driver. With help from Carrot’s new superior telematics technology, all you need to do is download the Carrot smartphone app instead of installing a black box. Then using a Bluetooth connection, you will connect the app to the car. If the car doesn’t have native Bluetooth, Carrot will send out a FREE ‘Wingman’ device, which will provide an alternative connection from the car, to the phone.

Better Driver enables the driver to build up their no claims bonus, and the driver can earn weekly treats for driving safely.

Carrot Claims

In the event of an accident, contacting Carrot couldn’t be easier. All the driver needs to do is phone them on 0333 355 2990. Carrot pride themselves on customer service and will do their best to help the driver through every part of process from the word ‘go’. They actively encourage calls from the scene of accidents to make sure all the information is collected correctly and will talk to those involved if required.  The claims line is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, which means that Carrot will always be there for their customers at a time of need.

Benefits you’ll get with comprehensive car insurance cover from Carrot Insurance 

  • Cash rewards and treats for driving safely (policy type dependant)
  • Cover for your car, even if you have an accident that’s your fault
  • Third party cover – Protecting you from claims made by other people if they are hurt, or their car or property is damaged in an accident
  • Insurance against fire or theft
  • Windscreen and window glass
  • Personal belongings
  • 30 days’ European travel
  • Audio and navigation equipment
  • Personal accident
  • Medical cover
  • Courtesy car whilst your own vehicle is being repaired following an accident

Terms and conditions will apply to the benefits the driver is offered, so it’s important to check the policy wording before a purchase is made.

Carrot also offer the following additional options:

  • Breakdown Assistance – If the driver breaks down on a journey and needs assistance to get started again, or a tow home. There’s different levels of cover to choose from.
  • Legal Expenses cover – If the driver is involved in an accident they might sustain an injury and their car might not be driveable. They’ll also have to pay Carrot their insurance excess if the accident’s not their fault. Legal Expense cover will help the driver to reclaim their expenses and compensation for their injuries.

About Telematics  

Telematics technology - more commonly known as ‘black box technology’ - comes in the form of a small black box or a smartphone app that you download and set up yourself. If the driver opts for a ‘New Driver’ policy then a black box will be fitted out of sight, under the dashboard. As part of the process Carrot will automatically organise an engineer to fit the box, so it’s professionally installed. If the driver opts for a ‘Better Driver’ policy, then the driver will need to download the app and pair it to their car following the simple in-app instructions.

Once the policy is live, which must be within 14 days of getting a new Carrot ‘New Driver’ car insurance policy for the box or 24 hours for the app with ‘Better Driver’, tracking will be activated. Then, as you drive, the box or app will start collecting data about your driving. The box measures things like acceleration, braking, swerving, and the number and length of journeys that the drivers make. Carrot then take this data and place it into three categories – Speed, Smoothness and Usage – these are then combined to give the driver an overall Driving Style score. It's this score that gives you the opportunity to earn cash rewards every quarter for driving safely and responsibly.

The telematics technology can also see: 

  • What mileage you are doing
  • What time you are driving – Carrot DON’T set curfews on either policy type, but the time you drive will still affect your score. This is because studies show that young drivers are more likely to have an accident between the hours of 9pm and 4am. As such, what time you drive will affect your score to some degree.

The data Carrot collects is in place to help the customer. It will give the driver rewards or treats if they are driving safely, help locate a car in the event of a theft, and provide key data in the event of a claim. If the driver’s parents or guardians would like to see the data, they can do this easily by downloading the relevant app to their phone and logging in using the driver’s details or accessing the browser portal, all with the policy holder’s permission, of course.

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