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Insurethebox car insurance

insurethebox is one of the UK’s leading black box (telematics) insurance provider. They offer discounted car insurance in exchange for the use of the black box.

You can call their UK based claims team of the day or night should you have an accident. All you need to do is call 0333 103 0030.

Car insurance with insurethebox is based on your annual mileage. You’ll be offered 3 mileage options, which can be increased if you suddenly find you’re driving more than you anticipated.

Insurethebox car insurance

What is a black box?

It’s a device not much larger than your average smart phone. It’s normally fitted under your dashboard out of sight. Once it is activated the software inside the box sends insurethebox certain data about the way your drive.

insurethebox black box insurance

What data does the box collect?

It provides information on the way you accelerate, brake and corner. For example, if you take corners wide, brake harshly or accelerate aggressively this will be recorded as poor driving. On the other hand, if you drive smoothly and don’t break the speed limit, your driving record will show that you are a responsible driver.

Other things are also taken into consideration such as the amount of journey’s you take, whether you take sufficient breaks from driving, whether you use the motorway, your mileage and at what time of day you drive.

Studies show that young drivers are more likely to have an accident if they drive at night, or during the early hours of the morning, but although driving at these times isn’t encouraged because it is more of a risk, insurethebox do not impose any curfews.

What are the mileage options?

You can opt to have 6,000 miles, 8,000 miles or 10,000 miles a year. Extra miles can be purchased if you need them and you also get the opportunity to earn extra miles for good driving. Every month you could get up to 100 bonus miles.

Can I see the data?

Yes. You have your own web portal, which you can access from your computer, tablet or mobile. It will show you how many miles you have travelled and other information. Your policy details are also available to view or download, and you can use live chat to contact the business.

What is Accident Alert?

If your car suffers a heavy impact, an alarm will alert the team at the insurethebox service centre. They will then contact you to see if you are okay if the car is stationary. If they can’t get in touch with you, but they know your car isn’t moving then they’ll try to contact the emergency services.

Can you trace my car if it is stolen?

The black box has got GPS tracking, which means it can be traced if it has been stolen.

If I have comprehensive cover what benefits do I get?

You’ll get the following benefits:

  • Legal Protection – if you have an accident that’s not your fault this will cover you for help claiming your uninsured losses. This could include a personal injury claim, car hire costs, loss of earnings or the reimbursement of your policy excess
  • Cover for a new car – if your car is under 12 - months old
  • Windscreen cover, including sunroofs
  • Audio and navigation equipment cover
  • Personal belongings cover
  • Child car seat
  • Personal Accident
  • European Travel
  • Courtesy Car
  • Guarantee on repairs – 4 years

Terms and conditions will apply to the benefits you’re offered, so it’s important to check the policy wording before you purchase.


You can also add the following options on to your policy so that you get wider cover:

  • Breakdown Cover
  • Courtesy Car Cover Plus – Gives you a car hire if your car is stolen and not recovered or written-off
  • Key Protect

insurethebox car insurance is a great way for young drivers to get on the road and start earning a no claims discount. Get an insurethebox car insurance quote today and see how much you could save. 

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