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More Th>n car insurance

More Th>n was launched in 2001 to provide financial service to customers in the UK. 

They offer 24/7 emergency assistance to their policy holders as standard, so you get the help you need at the right time, day or night.

Should you have an accident you can contact a member of the More Th>n claims team by calling 0800 300 252 which is open 24 / 7. They also have an online claims tool which you can use if your car is stolen, involved in a fire, or in an accident where no one was injured.

More Th>n Car Insurance offers two types of insurance, Standard insurance for drivers with experience and Sm>rt Wheels for younger drivers who are willing to use telematics (a black box) in order to demonstrate their safe driving. A black box monitors the way in which you drive based on factors such as speed and smoothness.

Terms and conditions will apply to the benefits you’re offered, so it’s important to check the policy wording before you purchase.

More Th>n car insurance

Comprehensive insurance

Both policies offer the following benefits with comprehensive insurance:

  • Cover for a new car
  • Windscreen and sunroof cover
  • Navigation and audio equipment cover
  • Personal belongings protection
  • Emergency medical cover – if you need to pay for medical treatment after an accident
  • Key cover -if your keys are stolen
  • Personal Accident payment – compensation if you or your partner are severely injured or pass away from an accident.
  • Alternative accommodation – if your car can’t be driven after an accident and you can’t get home, this covers you for one night’s accommodation in a hotel
  • Guaranteed courtesy car – whilst your own car is being repaired
  • Uninsured driver protection – if you have an accident that’s not your fault and the other driver isn’t insured, you won’t lose your no claims bonus or have to pay your policy excess

If you want to drive abroad, Standard Insurance will give you the minimum cover applicable to that country. A foreign use extension is available to allow you to enjoy the same level of cover as in the UK. For Sm>rt Wheels, policy holders must purchase this cover as an option.

Optional extras

You can also add these options to your cover with More Th>n Car Insurance:

  • Legal Assistance – legal assistance with a legal documents plan, legal representation and recovery of your uninsured losses. Uninsured losses are claims for personal injury, loss of earnings, car hire, out of pocket expenses and the reimbursement of your policy excess if you have an accident that wasn’t your fault
  • Breakdown Cover with the RAC with 4 levels of cover to choose from, which include Roadside Recovery, Roadside Assistance, Homecall and European Cover
more than optional car insurance features

Telematics with Sm>rt Wheels

If you’re a young driver and you want the opportunity to prove that you are a safe driver and you think you deserve to pay less, then Sm>rt Wheels is for you.

When you take out a Sm>rt Wheels policy, within 14 days you need to have a black box fitted into your car. It’s not much bigger than a phone and it’s normally put behind your dashboard, so it can’t be seen.

Once it’s activated it will send information back to Sm>rt Wheels about the way you drive. For instance, the black box will monitor the way you accelerate, brake and take corners. If you’re driving smoothly and at a safe speed it shows you are a responsible driver.  You could earn rewards and get a better deal on your next premium.

Other things that Sm>rt Wheels look for are the amount of miles you travel every year. At the beginning of your policy you have to state how many miles you will travel. It’s important to try and get this right as you’ll be insured up to this limit. If you do drive more miles than you have stated, then you will need to purchase extra miles. The price will be based on how well you have been driving.

There aren’t any curfews, so you can drive whenever you like and your premium won’t increase until your renewal if you achieve a poor driving score.

If you can show that you are a safe and responsible driver, telematics is a great way to get affordably priced insurance.

If you need car insurance, whether you’re an experienced driver, or you’re just starting out, get a More Th>n  Sm>rt Wheels car insurance quote today and see just how much you could save.

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