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My Policy has been providing car insurance since 1995, through their connections with some of the UK’s leading insurance companies.

My Policy car insurance


They are able to offer young drivers the chance to get competitively priced car insurance through the use of telematics (black box) technology. They offer two types of cover, one for younger drivers and another, called Low Miles Insurance for drivers aged over 25.

Should you need to make a claim on your My Policy Car Insurance, the number you need to call will be clearly shown on the back of your car insurance policy.

Before you complete a quote for a My Policy car insurance policy you will be asked how many miles you want to drive. The less miles you do, the cheaper your policy. If you do find that you run out of miles, you can purchase more.

Terms and conditions will apply to the benefits you’re offered, so it’s important to check your policy wording before you purchase.

The Black Box

A black box will normally be fitted into your car within the first 14 days of obtaining your policy. It’s not large, it’s about as big as a mobile phone. It will be fitted underneath the dashboard of your car, so it is out of sight.

The software inside the box will be activated and then it will start to monitor the way you drive and send the information back to My Policy.

my policy black box insurance

What does it monitor?

It monitors the speed you drive at, the mileage you do, the time of day you’re on the road and the way you handle the car when you accelerate, corner or brake.

Am I restricted to what time I can drive?

No. There are no curfews, but driving at night isn’t recommended. Studies have shown that young drivers are at risk of having an accident if they drive in the evening or in the early hours of the morning. If you do drive regularly at night, it might affect the amount you pay for your insurance cover.

What if I drive badly?

If you constantly speed, then My Policy will have to cancel your insurance, because speeding puts you at greater risk of an accident.

Can I see my driving data?

Yes. You can log into your dashboard from your phone, tablet or computer at any time. The dashboard will show you how many miles you have used, whether you qualify for any discounts, or if you have earned any rewards.

Are there any other advantages to having a black box?

The black box has a GPS tracking device fitted into it. That means if your car is stolen, it can be tracked, which will make it easier to recover. If you have an accident the data might be able to demonstrate that you weren’t to blame.

If I drive well?

If the black box data shows you are driving your car smoothly, without speeding you’ll get a better quote when you next renew your policy.


Apart from the black box what other benefits will Car Insurance with My Policy give me?

That depends on the cover you get, but most comprehensive policies include:

  • Windscreen insurance
  • Personal belongings cover
  • Cover for audio and navigation equipment
  • Personal Accident compensation if you are killed or severely injured in a car accident

You can also purchase breakdown cover with the RAC as an optional extra.

Telematics isn’t used to make you feel negative, it’s used for you to prove that although you’re young, you’re a responsible driver, who deserves to pay less for their car insurance.

If you want to see what My Policy can offer you, get a My Policy car insurance quote today and see how much you could save on telematics car insurance.

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