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Compare Renault Clio Car Insurance

So you’re looking for car insurance for a Renault Clio. Well, you’ve got plenty of company. It’s a super popular choice for people looking for a first car. And with a wide range of engine sizes, the Clio offers something for everyone. Not only are the running costs low, the Renault Clio can be an affordable car to insure too.


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As a little car, the engine isn’t huge, but it’s certainly efficient. And for many people, the Renault Clio is a firm favourite. The Renault Clio now in its fourth generation since its launch in 1990, has cemented the brand’s reputation for fun and stylish small cars. It’s no surprise either, as most Clio models are in the lower end insurance groupss, group 8.

With a three-cyclinder 0.9 TCe petrol engine, the Clio returns an economy figure of only 62.8mpg, while emitting only 104g/km of CO2. Getting an insurance policy for your Clio could be quite a bit cheaper than for Renault’s other ranges too. What’s the Renault Clio insurance group? The latest models like the Expression, Dynamique and the GT sit in the 7-13 insurance range, making it an affordable and practical choice for families and younger drivers. 

compare renault clio car insurance

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How do insurance companies come up with the cost?

Insurance companies do all sorts of complex calculations when determining the price of your car insurance. Mostly, they worry about the risk of you making a claim, and how expensive that claim is likely to be. This means big expensive cars often get slammed with higher premiums.

Not only are they more expensive to repair but they’re also more attractive to thieves. Good news though if you’re getting car insurance for a Renault Clio. With engine sizes between 0.9-3.0l, and the fourth generation models just from 0.9l to 1.5l, insurers won’t be worried about you breaking the land speed record anytime soon. Not that you’ll be a slowcoach either. Any Clio driver will tell you that their light bodies (the cars, not the drivers!) make them quite nippy.


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What can I do to keep insurance costs down?

There are extra things you can do to keep your Renault Clio insurance costs down.

1)    Keep your Clio safe. A safe spot to park your Clio will reassure your insurer that your car won’t be vulnerable to thieves or vandalism.

2)    Don’t go around the world and back. Keeping your mileage down can help keep the cost down. The less you drive the less chance you have of having a bump. Good news for the environment and for your insurance premium.

3)    Show off your skills with Pass Plus. If you only recently passed your test, you might not have a wealth of experience or a No Claims Bonus to show what a safe and responsible driver you are. Think about taking the Pass Plus. It’ll take you a minimum of six hours but it may save you money with some insurers.

4)    Add a named driver. You can lower your premium by adding a more experienced driver to the policy. No fibbing though, they will have to drive the car, if they don’t then it is considered fraudulent and could invalidate your policy. A quick way to end up in hot water!



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