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Lucky you! If you’re driving a Rolls Royce, you may not be as concerned about the price of your insurance as you used to be. But we think that most people like a good deal and don’t like to pay over the odds for anything, so we’re here to help you find the right Rolls Royce car insurance for you.

Is Rolls Royce insurance really affordable?

Being a luxury, iconic brand, the cost to insure a Rolls Royce is more expensive than many other cars on the market, as you might expect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal. If you shop around and compare insurers, you’ll definitely find the right cover for you. Don’t waste time browsing the internet all day though, just start a quote, answer a few questions and we’ll do the donkey work for you. Within minutes you’ll get a list of prices and insurers which you can compare and then pick what’s right for you.

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What is the average cost of Rolls Royce car insurance?

We know that in September 2017, the average price on comparethemarket.com was £2,263.34 for a Ghost and £1,700.97 for the number one Rolls in our top ten, the Wraith.** The Wraith is a sporty fastback coupe, with a 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 engine.

Insurers base quotes on the model and age of the car, the job you do and where you live, amongst other things, and that’s why we ask you these questions. If we have all the relevant information to hand, we can be sure to search out the best quotes possible for your Rolls Royce car insurance. It also means that the quotes you receive may be cheaper or more expensive than those above.
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Will safety features cut insurance costs?

Unfortunately crash tests aren’t performed on a Rolls Royce, as it’s too expensive. But the Rolls Royce does have a number of safety features, like the ignition disable device, which stops the car from starting unless the right code is keyed in. There’s also anti whiplash head restraints and knee airbags. All this helps to bring the cost of insurance down, as the risk of theft and passenger and driver injury is less than in a car that doesn’t have these features.

Here’s a little bit of history behind the luxury….

Rolls Royce was formed by the partnership of engineer, Henry Royce and motor car dealer, Charles Rolls, in 1904. Three years later their first car, the Silver Ghost was produced and by 1913 critics were calling it ‘the best car in the world.’

And John Lennon…

One of the most famous Rolls Royce owners was John Lennon whose car became infamous as well. He had his Rolls fitted out with a TV and fridge which was not exactly common in 1965! And then two years after he took ownership, Lennon decided that he wanted it painted in psychedelic colours (which was perhaps not too surprising). Rolls Royce commissioned local artist Steve Weaver to do the job, who probably didn’t imagine for one minute how famous the car would turn out to be. 

Luxury for less

If a brand new Rolls Royce is a little bit too much of a stretch a second hand Rolls can also be a good buy. You can get a 1987 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit for around £7,800 and a 1987 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow for £12,990. But don’t forget the age of the car will affect the cost of the insurance too.

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How to find Rolls Royce car insurance

So now you know a bit more about your Rolls Royce and the costs to insure it, why not start comparing car insurance quotes now?  We’ll get the right quote for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy your luxurious ride.

** All average premiums are based on comparethemarket.com data from July to September 2017.


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