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If you own a Rover, then you’ll want affordable Rover car insurance. You don’t need to spend hours searching. Just go into the UK’s leading comparison website and let them do the work for you. comparethemarket.comwill search out the right deals for Rover insurance and you can compare them at a glance from the comfort of your computer.

Which Rovers are popular?

Sadly, Rovers aren’t manufactured anymore, so you can’t buy them new, but they are still a popular car and there are plenty of deals to be had in the second hand market. In fact, the most popular car in our Rover top ten list is the Rover 25 - It came out in 1999 and was manufactured until 2005. When it was new it came with a 1.4, 1.6 or 2 litre engine and later models have wood or leather trim, whichever takes your fancy.

You can buy a Rover car for anywhere between £790 and £1,760, in fact 59% of people found one for a bargain at under £1,399. If you want Rover car insurance for the 75 model in particular, we have worked out that the average cost of insurance is around £495.48*

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
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Our Rover favourites

Another favourite for our Rover fans, is the Rover 75. In ‘car tests’ the Rover 75 is said to be excellent over long distances and like a luxury car going over bumpy roads and it’s a comfortable and refined like a small executive vehicle, which sounds great stuff. Rover 75 actually rates number 2 in our top ten of Rovers cars and from data the average insurance quote seems affordable too at £495.48* for a year.

Of course, insurance quotes do depend on things like where you live, your age and your driving experience, so these quotes we give you might be more expensive, or cheaper.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

Is it more expensive to get Rover insurance if the car is modified?

Not necessarily. It depends what has been done. If a more powerful engine has been added, the insurers may take this as a risk that you’ll drive faster and have an accident. So, in that case yes, it’s likely your insurance premium will be higher. Insurance companies also think that modified cars look better and catch the attention of thieves, who might steal the car or vandals, who might damage it.

Some modifications are seen as beneficial. For example, putting in a car immobiliser, or a tracking system, or an alarm. These things help to prevent your vehicle from being stolen and could lower your insurance premium. However, you may need to speak directly with your insurer to see these reductions reflected in your premium.

The best thing, is to always be honest with your Rover insurers and tell them if any modifications have been done and they can then provide you with a quote on that basis.

Finally, don’t forget that you’ll save money and time by searching we’ll give you information and insurance quotes that are bang up to date.

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