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Compare Saab Car Insurance

If you were asked to think of a Swedish car – you’d probably think of a Volvo wouldn’t you? But there’s more to Sweden’s automobile history than the Volvo – there’s the Saab.

Sadly, the car manufacturer filed for bankruptcy in 2011 so if you don’t remember their cars, think of them as Volvo’s but slightly more fun and outgoing. But there are still 177,201 Saabs on UK roads and if you drive one of them, you're going to need some car insurance.

How affordable is Saab insurance?

Saab no longer have vast production lines although they do still manufacture cars – albeit electric ones. This means that parts might not be that easy to come by and it could mean that you pay more for them. As insurers take parts and repair costs into consideration when calculating premiums – this could be reflected in the cost of your cover.

The most popular models, the Saab 9-3 and the 9-5 cost an average of £602.32 and £543.85 respectively. But Saabs are anything but average so you should always compare the market to find a quote tailored just for you.

compare saab car insurance

Is Saab insurance affordable?

Our average premiums are based on all our customer quotes, from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your personal circumstances.

You can also save yourself a few quid on your insurance just by considering what you actually need cover for. Here are some handy hints to help drive down the cost of your insurance:

Security –. Installing an approved security system or alarm could act as a deterrent to car thieves.

- Excess – you could lower your premium by increasing your excess, but just a word of warning – make sure you can actually afford a higher excess should you need to make a claim.

- Pay in one go – don’t go for monthly repayments which could incur interest charges

- Add ons – think about what cover you do really need but  if you do decide that you want to reduce you’re add on cover then think carefully about what the consequence of not having them might be.

- Mileage – try and work out how many miles you actually drive; it might not be as much as you think which could save you some cash

- Black box insurance – or telematics as it’s also known as, this is a smartphone sized box or an app that tracks how and when you drive. If you drive ‘properly’ then it could save you money on your car insurance quicker than building up years’ worth of no claims.

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What insurance group is my Saab in?

Cars are classified into insurance groups which gives you and your insurer a baseline from which to gauge cost. There are 50 insurance groups and as a general rule of thumb, the lower the number, the cheaper the insurance. Not all insurers use identical classifications so you’ll have to find out the specifics with your provider.

Saab has always been considered a luxury brand so some of the top end Saab’s belong to insurance groups comparable to brands like Jaguar and Porsche. But to save you trawling the internet to find out which insurance group your Saab’s in, we’ve put together this table so you can see what’s what at a glance:


Insurance group









How do I start comparing for Saab car insurance?

You can start looking for your car insurance simply by letting us know a bit more about you as well as the Saab you drive. We’ll then to bring you the best deals from over 100 insurance providers. We can even send you reminders so you never forget to renew your policy again.

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