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Skoda has quite a history. They started life as a bicycle repair shop in 1895 would you believe, and then made motorbikes before venturing into cars.  Like the Czech Republic as a whole, the company suffered under occupation during the Second World War and then became the butt of jokes under the Soviet occupation.


The history

Only in 1987 with the Italian designed, and Western engine powered Favorit did they begin to be lose their image and sell well. Then, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, Skoda joined VW, a partnership that was formalised in 1991.

Since then, Skoda has gone from strength to strength, winning the “Best Car to Own” award from Auto Express and the Daily Telegraph in 2013 and selling over a million cars in the year 2014.

So, how affordable is Skoda insurance?

It is important to remember that insuring any car depends on a number of different things.  Some of these depend on you the driver such as your age, your driving experience and where you live. Other factors depend upon the car, the market value and the insurance group for example.

Insurance groupings take account a number of factors including repair costs, part prices, safety features, security and car performance.

You will notice in the table below that the insurance group can vary significantly for the same make of car depending on the specific model and engine type.

We have also pulled together the average premium price quoted at Compare the Market in May 2018 based on all age groups and age and model of car.

compare skoda car insurance

Facts and figures

Skoda Model                     Insurance Groups            Average Premium           % of enquiries on
Skoda vehicles

Roomster                               4 – 15                                    £358.08                              2 %

Yeti                                        9 – 23                                    £377.08                              6 %

Rapid                                     7 – 19                                   £493.54                              3 %

Citigo                                     1 – 4                                    £522.65                               8 %

Octavia                                 13 – 30                                  £570.10                               27 %

Superb                                  12 – 28                                  £515.47                                6 %

Fabia                                     2 – 13                                   £703.30                              45%

Felicia                                    9 – 13                                  £572.04                               1%


What these figures demonstrate is that there is tremendous value to be had on some Skoda models with prices below £300 on average – rare for a mainstream car. The most popular model was the Fabia which accounted for half of Skoda enquiries but the insurance price was relatively high compared to other Skoda models.**

**Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

Getting cheap car insurance for a Skoda

If you’re looking for a reliable, inexpensive car with cheap insurance, it could be argued that a Skoda is hard to beat. Find out what you could save by comparing Skoda car insurance quotes today.

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