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Suzuki cars are a great choice of car manufacturer, particularly for new and young drivers. They tend to be small, compact and often have a more creative flair to their design when compared to other small cars. Originally renowned mainly for its motorbikes, Suzuki has become a household name, not least because for a while they were the chosen brand for the Top Gear racing challenge, ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’.


It’s that ‘reasonably priced’ part that makes Suzuki such a popular choice among young and new drivers. It also means then when it comes to insurance, Suzuki offers some of the lowest prices around.

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How affordable is Suzuki car insurance?

Your Suzuki insurance will all depend on how many added extras you’ve thrown in. If you have a standard Suzuki car that spends its days picking up groceries, giving lifts and generally being a motorised part of the family, then you can probably expect a lower insurance cost.

But if your Suzuki has a speedy disposition and likes to feel the wind in its wipers, as it off-roads across the British countryside, then you may be looking at a higher cost.

That being said, the highest insurance group the Suzuki car range currently reaches is 24 out of 50, and that’s for the slick off-roader, the Grand Vitara. However, the adorably named Alto is high in name only as its insurance group stands at a modest 4, making it one of the cheaper choices from the Suzuki range.

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What are the most popular Suzuki models?

One of Suzuki’s most popular models is the Suzuki Swift. It’s small, fun and zippy and can pack a bit of punch considering its size – it’s basically the car version of a sherbet lemon. The Swift falls into the insurance group of 11E giving it a below-average insurance rating, but still higher than the Suzuki Alto.

And if you’d like an idea on how this translates into actual cash, based on data from quotes that we’ve generated, insurance for the most popular model, the Swift comes with an average price tag of £721.49, whereas it’s slightly smaller, but perfectly formed, SX4 will set you back on average a very affordable £417.35.

When it comes to buying and insuring a Suzuki car, it all boils down to how you’re going to use it and how it will fit your lifestyle. Those who live in the country could get more from the Grand Vitara (average premium £451.26), despite its higher insurance cost, whereas those who live in a city could benefit from a Swift or an Alto.*

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
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Where can I find cheap car insurance for Suzuki cars?

Ta-dah! This is where we come in. Suzuki’s range of cars and motorbikes could mean scrawling through search engines to find the best deal, which is likely to give you more stress than savings. Say hello to We compare the Suzuki insurance costs of over 100 insurance providers in just a few minutes. Which means you can get the right insurance for your Suzuki in just a few clicks of a mouse. So why not start comparing Suzuki car insurance now?

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