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Whether you’re thinking of buying a new or used Toyota, or you already own one and are looking for car insurance, you probably have quite a few questions… Whether it’s: ‘How much will it cost?’ ‘How does the price compare against other makes?’ or ‘Which insurer is the cheapest’ we’ve got the answers…


Buying a car

Choosing a new car is exciting, but let’s face it, it can also be a tricky business. Whether you’re buying brand new or second hand, there are simply so many makes and models to choose from. 

Not only is the price of the car important to most of us, but we also need to think about the costs of keeping it on the road.

One of the things to consider when you think about these running costs, is the price of the car insurance you need for it.

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Why a Toyota?

Toyota are famed for their meticulous approach to design, and they have developed a reputation for creative features intended to reduce the environmental effect on the planet. 

If you asked people to name a hybrid car, many would probably say the Toyota Prius. Did you know though, that Toyota actually released their first Prius car in Japan in 1997.

In addition to the Prius, the car manufacturers range of vehicles has something for everyone. From the town friendly models the Aygo, iQ and Yaris to the practical and refined Avensis. There is also the sporty Celica and the robust 4x4, the Landcruiser.

Toyota’s are built to last and the manufacturer claims that 80% of Toyotas sold 20 years ago are still on the road today. They also have a reputation for developing cars that run on a budget and hold their resale value.

compare toyota car insurance

What about the costs of insuring them?

Well, in line with other features, Toyotas hold their own when it comes to the costs of insurance.

If you’re looking for competitive pricing in the smaller car market, Toyota fairs very well. Based on our data for May 2018, average price quotes against similar cars were:

Toyota iQ                   -           £507.98

Ford Ka                      -           £707.26

Toyota Aygo              -           £650.05

Citroen C1                  -          £639.77

Fiat Panda                  -           £475.83

Toyota Yaris              -            £739.60

Ford Fiesta                -            £814.82

Vauxhall Corsa          -           £946.42

While not offering the same savings that can be seen for the smaller cars, Toyota still ranks competitively for larger models. For example:

Toyota Avensis          -           £583.40

Ford Mondeo            -            £572.66

VW Passat                  -           £716.58

Remember that your insurance quote will depend on a number of different things that are personal to you. Your age, your driving experience, and where you live will all make a big difference. The price of the car and the insurance group it belongs to are further factors that will make a difference.

If you’re thinking of buying a Toyota, find out what you could save by comparing the prices quoted by insurers. Visit our comparison page here.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

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