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How to get cheap insurance as a young driver

Unfortunately, car insurance is usually more expensive for 17–24-year-olds.

Why? Because they’re statistically more likely to be in an accident and make a claim.

So how can young drivers get cheaper car insurance?

1. Pick your car carefully

Cheaper and less powerful models cost less to insure.

2. Add an experienced named driver to your policy

Your insurer could see you as a lower risk if there’s another, more experienced driver using your car.

3. Consider a black box policy

If you can show providers you’re not as risky as they think you are, you could get cheaper insurance.

Go on… prove them wrong!

4. Take a Pass Plus test

While taking another test doesn’t sound like fun…

Pass Plus is an extra qualification that helps prove you’re a safer driver and could make your car insurance cheaper.

5. Compare quotes online

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get cheaper car insurance is through Comparethemarket…

Pop in a few details and we’ll do the hard work for you.

We compare car insurance quotes from dozens of providers to find you our cheapest price.