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TVR started life in 1947 as Trevcar Motors - a car repair and engineering business - named after its founder, 23-year-old engineer Trevor Wilkinson.


In 1949, Wilkinson built his first sports car by modifying the body on an Alvis Firebird chassis. His first attempt didn’t set the automotive word alight, but his TVR Grantura – released in 1958 – did. A short wheelbase sports car sold in kit form, by the standards of the day, the Grantura was fast, agile and handsome, and captured the imagination of petrol heads everywhere.

Despite several brushes with bankruptcy, TVR has continued to produce ever more exciting sports cars, such as the Cerbera, Sangaris and Tuscan convertible. Renowned for their power, speed and style, each car is built to order, right here in the UK.

With its long history, popularity and high standard of production, TVR has become an iconic British brand, and its cars are rightly regarded as classics.

How difficult is it to insure a TVR?

TVR drivers are often penalised by insurers because of the higher risk associated with high-powered, lightweight cars. They worry about the specialist expertise needed to repair damage, and the difficulty in sourcing parts.

But TVR owners tend to cherish their cars, covering fewer miles and using the roads at less busy times, which minimises the risk of accidents. There are also a number of specialist TVR garages around the country today.

It’s possible to find competitive car insurance for TVR cars - if you know where to look. Luckily, at, we do. 

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Which insurance group does the TVR fall into?

All cars are assigned to an insurance group and given a rating between 1 and 50, which indicates the level of risk. Many factors are taken into account when determining the insurance group, such as the top speed, 0 to 60 time and fuel consumption. As a general rule of thumb, the lower the insurance group number, the lower the premium.

The very make-up of a TVR means that the insurance group remains at a solid 20 for some of the most popular models. Well you don’t buy a TVR if you just want to pootle around town in a cost effective, fuel efficient, reliable run-around, now do you?

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How much are you looking at to insure your TVR?

To give you an idea of what this means in pennies, we’ve run a report on the most popular TVR models and the average insurance prices of each: The Chimaera comes in at £373.79, the Tuscan at £431.74 and the TVR Griffith, at £262.54. Perhaps not as steep as you might have thought.*

As we don’t work with Classic Car Insurers, these quotes are from mainstream car insurance providers – the most competitive being Performance Direct, Right Choice, and Privilege.

How can you lower the insurance premium on your TVR?

If you’ve stretched the finances to become the owner of your dream car, and the TVR car insurance quote you’ve had so far is a little out of your budget, don’t panic, as there are a few things you can do to bring it down:

Add-ons: Think about what you need from your TVR car insurance. Make sure that what’s being sold to you meets your requirements; you don’t want to pay for features you don’t really need.

Security: Immobilisers and GPS trackers can lower your insurance premium, as long as they conform to certain standards. They will also reduce the risk of your pride and joy being stolen. Just bear in mind you may need to speak directly with your insurer to see these reductions reflected in your premium.

Increased voluntary excess: Paying more towards the cost of your claim could bring down your premium. You may also have a compulsory excess so make sure you can afford to pay the full excess amount in the event of a claim. And if you’re not at fault in an accident, the excess can be recovered anyway.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

What do you need to consider when insuring a TVR?

If you treat your TVR as a normal car - that is, you drive it regularly and don’t hire it out a normal policy should be fine. But if your car is rare, or you take it to rallies, or hire it out, it could be worth exploring insurance for classic cars, or you can opt for specialist classic car policies which may offer extra cover for things you wouldn’t need for a modern car.

If you fall into the ‘normal use’ category, let us help you make sure you get the right insurance for your most prized possession. With over 100 mainstream car insurance providers at your fingertips, we’re well equipped to help you find it. So why not start comparing TVR car insurance today?

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