^^Barclaycard terms and conditions

This offer is only available for new Barclaycard customers and Barclaycard reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

You may be offered a different credit limit, representative APR, purchase rate or promotional balance transfer period to any shown here as it depends on your individual circumstances.

The balance transfer fee you will pay is 2.7% of the balance transferred. The initial balance transfer fee debited to your account will be 3.5%. Barclaycard will then apply a credit to reduce the effective fee charged to 2.7% of the balance transfer.

The credit will be applied to your account within two working days from the point your balance transfer is processed.

The credit will show on your account shortly after it is applied, and will be visible on the next statement you receive after that – which may be up to 28 days later.

You will qualify for this offer provided that:

  • you transfer a balance to your Barclaycard Platinum card within 60 days of opening your Barclaycard Platinum card.
  • your Barclaycard Platinum account is not in default at the time that the credit is due.
  • you have not given us notice to withdraw or to close the account at the time that the credit is due.